Tuesday, May 17, 2022


 Well, it's been a LONG time and so many things have happened this past year, I don't even know where to start.  How about with Ryan?

He became a manager at AgVantis and took over his boss's job in January.  He doesn't program as much, but he seems to enjoy his new position. 

I just finished my 3rd year at Kidslink.  I started as the administrative asst, but this past October, one of our lead teeachers moved out of state pretty unexpectedly.  I don't know how we would have found someone, had them take the classes, etc needed to teach her class, so I taught the 4 year old MWF class.  My 5 days in the office then went to 2 days and I taught the other days of the week.  It was a lot and difficult to switch back and forth, but I loved it.  I had the most amazing kids in my class.  I have a degree in elementary education, but I had never taught my own class until this past year.  Next year I will be going back to the office, but I think I will miss teaching.  It was a lot of work though.  I spent every evening and weekend planning lessons, prepping crafts, making things for each theme, etc.  That is probably the biggest reason that I never updated this blog.  

Can you believe that Olivia finished 8th grade?  She is off to high school next year.  She has had kind of a rough year.  She didn't have any friends in her classes except for Charlie, who she has been friends with since 2nd grade. Unfortunately, he is going to a private school next year and Olivia will miss him so much! She finally made a new friend named Emma in PE and she transferred out mid semester.  She found out Emma was in her lunch and finally she had someone to sit with.  Then her 5th hour changed at semester and she was back to having no one to sit with.  It really bothered her this year.  Especially in classes where they always have choose a partner and she's the last one standing.  I wish teachers would think about that more carefully.  

Olivia is in no hurry to drive, so even though she will be 15 in August, she is waiting until next summer to take driver's Ed. Olivia does things on her timeliness, so we are respecting that in regards to driving.  I don't want her driving before she feels ready to.     

Olivia has always written stories. . .even before she could read and write.  She would tell me her stories and I would write them down.  But now, at 14 1/2 years of age, her stories have improved even more.  Here is page 1 of book 1 of the Mist. Academy series.  

Yeah, she's currently on book 5 and they are so good.  

Abigail finished 3rd grade and she had a rough year as well. Her anxiety really worsened this year to the point that the school had to call me when she was having an anxiety attack.  They were incredibly bad.  One time she was hyperventilating so much that her lips started to turn blue. She is a perfectionist who is very gifted.  They have been wanting to go through the testing for gifted, but her anxiety gets in the way.  She has gone to a therapist for almost 2 years and we felt we had nowhere to go.  After waiting 5+ months, we got into a child psychiatrist and she had to go on medication.  I don't feel the least bit ashamed of putting her on medication because when you get to that point, it's a necessity.  It has really helped us get our Abigail back. But another thing has probably helped her even more and his name is Colton. They were in class together and he had such a calming effect on her.  He even made her a stress ball one day. They have become great friends this year ( and she has a little, well big. . .no, more like a huge crush on him.) He's a great kid. Hoping they are in the same class next year!

Anyway, I will post some pictures from the past year in a bit! Hope you are all doing well!

Abigail was Cruella for Halloween

Snow day

Abigail has taken swimming lessons throughout the year and wants to be on a swim team soon.

50s day at school

Olivia and her friend, Miriam

Me with my brother and cousins

Piano recital


Mother's Day

After Olivia's choir concert

Abigail and Colton

Abigail and Coco

Sorry.  I entered these on my phone and they didn't post in order.  But, you get the point. LOL.

Monday, August 16, 2021

Summer post

Well, the back to school pics will come tomorrow when the girls return to school.  Olivia will be in 8th grade and Abigail will be in 3rd grade.  Crazy. That's the best way to describe life right now.  Olivia's scoliosis curve went to 27⁰ within 6 months and she now wears a night brace and goes to physical therapy once a week.  She also has ortho appts every 2 weeks to pull a stubborn tooth down from her gums. Plus piano lessons weekly.  

Abigail has had difficulty swallowing and eating certain foods ever since she choked on a pretzel almost 4 years ago.  So she sees a therapist at a speech, voice and swallowing center twice per week plus a therapist for her anxiety every other week.  And I'm not sure how I'm going to get them to all of these appointments when school starts back up. 

 I went back to my job (after having the summer off) in July.  I'm starting my 3rd year working in the office at Kidslink Preschool. I still absolutely love it. Of course, I have my share of appointments as well. 

So with all three of us and our appointments, school starting back up for all of us and Olivia's birthday next week, it has been a super busy month.  I'm just praying we make it to September. :-)  

The girls and their cousin, Ivy, and swim instructor, Caysi.  They loved swimming lessons this summer.

Olivia relaxin

Abigail and her friend, Skye

Our family on the 4th

Celebrating Grandma Sailing's birthday


Tuesday, April 6, 2021



Olivia has been in piano lessons since 1st grade. She is very very good and just a natural when it comes to music.  Here is Olivia practicing one of her songs for her upcoming spring recital. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 23, 2021

A Much Delayed Update

 Wow. . .it's been so long since I've updated, it would be impossible to catch up now.  I will try to summarize very briefly in 10 points. 

1.  Olivia is in 7th grade!  Middle School! 

2.  She has scoliosis.  Right now she has a 16 degree curve and her orthopedic surgeon is taking a wait and see approach, which is hard.  I understand that there isn't much that they can do.  But, once it gets over 20 degrees, you have to wear a brace.  :-(  We are trying things to hopefully prevent it from worsening. 

3.  She still has her hamster, Luke.  He is about 1 1/2 years old.  

4.  This past summer, both girls got pet rats also.  Olivia's rat is named Levi. He is very sweet.  Rats actually make really good pets.  

5.  Olivia is the sweetest, kindest person you will ever ever meet.

6.  Abigail is in the 2nd grade! I don't know why her school picture isn't saved on my phone. What an amazing person she is.  So cuddly and sweet.

7.  She lost her hamster, Lollipop, over the summer.  It was devastating to her as she was very close to that hamster.  That is one reason that we got the rats.  Her rat is named Remy and is the more social of the two.  Remy and Levi are brothers.

8.  Abigail is extremely smart.  Of course, we already knew that, but she is currently going through the process of qualifying for gifted.  So, I wasn't crazy when I thought she was outsmarting me at 3 years old.  Ha.

9. Our cat, Kelsey, got cancer. . .basal squamos cell carcinoma.  She had surgery last month and that was considered curable.  So hopefully we do not have to deal with any reoccurrence. Kelsey is not even 10 years old and is very much Olivia's cat. 

10.  We have all remained healthy and free from Covid.  I was laid off for a brief time between April and July, but other than that we have been able to work.  The girls have gone to school 5 days per week in person since September.  We are blessed. 

Stay healthy and happy everyone! 

Much Love!