Monday, August 16, 2021

Summer post

Well, the back to school pics will come tomorrow when the girls return to school.  Olivia will be in 8th grade and Abigail will be in 3rd grade.  Crazy. That's the best way to describe life right now.  Olivia's scoliosis curve went to 27⁰ within 6 months and she now wears a night brace and goes to physical therapy once a week.  She also has ortho appts every 2 weeks to pull a stubborn tooth down from her gums. Plus piano lessons weekly.  

Abigail has had difficulty swallowing and eating certain foods ever since she choked on a pretzel almost 4 years ago.  So she sees a therapist at a speech, voice and swallowing center twice per week plus a therapist for her anxiety every other week.  And I'm not sure how I'm going to get them to all of these appointments when school starts back up. 

 I went back to my job (after having the summer off) in July.  I'm starting my 3rd year working in the office at Kidslink Preschool. I still absolutely love it. Of course, I have my share of appointments as well. 

So with all three of us and our appointments, school starting back up for all of us and Olivia's birthday next week, it has been a super busy month.  I'm just praying we make it to September. :-)  

The girls and their cousin, Ivy, and swim instructor, Caysi.  They loved swimming lessons this summer.

Olivia relaxin

Abigail and her friend, Skye

Our family on the 4th

Celebrating Grandma Sailing's birthday


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