Saturday, April 11, 2009

Olivia's Swing

What can you do with your giraffe when you don't feel very good, but you want to go outside?
Take a ride in your new swing!

I love to swing!

This was my cousin Izzy's old swing.

Whoa. . .daddy swings me high!

My giraffe and I had so much fun!

I'm ready to swing again. . .I know it's right outside.

Saturday, April 11, 2009 - Update

You're never too sick or too young to shop wisely.

Olivia is doing well. She actually slept all night thanks to the humidifier and Motrin. She still has a temp, although the amount of snot and congestion seems better. It has stayed out of her lungs and she is breathing just fine. That (and RSV) is such a huge fear for any micro-preemie parent. We were all just grateful to get a good night's sleep. Hopefully, she'll continue to improve and this illness will soon be a thing of the past.

Friday, April 10, 2009


I'll give a dollar to anyone who helps me feel better!
Man, I don't like being sick!!
(These pics were taken a few days ago.)

Olivia started getting a runny nose last night and I could just tell that she was getting sick. We were up most of the night. Pray that it is just a cold. . .poor thing is miserable.

4:00 pm - I decided to take her to the doctor since we're coming up on the weekend. She has an upper respiratory infection, although they didn't even test for RSV. Currently, it is not affecting her breathing (other than her inability to breathe out of her nose) and we're hoping that it stays an upper respiratory infection and doesn't turn into a lower respiratory infection. Those born as early as Olivia don't have the strongest of lungs. . .although she continues to surprise us. Her ears and throat look good. Poor thing has a lot of mucus, nasal congestion and a 102 temp. I gave her some Motrin and she took a short 30 minute nap (the longest she can sleep at one time) and seems to be feeling a bit better. I even got a smile out of her when I asked her if she wanted to watch Baby Signing Times. I've been holding her almost constantly since about 11 pm last night and I have to say that I'm enjoying the snuggle time. Please pray that she doesn't get any worse and is feeling better soon!! Oh, and some sleep for all three of us would be nice as well.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

March for Babies Agenda

Be sure to click on the agenda to enlarge. If you plan on coming, please plan to be there by 9:15 am so that we'll be sure to get everyone in the team picture. Remember that it is Saturday, April 18th. Hope to see many of you there!!

Fun With Dad

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wednesday, April 8, 2009 - Update

Ready, set, go!

Well, we picked out Olivia's glasses today. We ended up getting them at Grene Vision, where she goes to the eye doctor. Most places (LensCrafters, EyeMasters, etc.) don't carry any for children as young as Olivia. I didn't want to buy them online without first trying them on. While we were waiting, Ryan and I picked out are favorite ones only to find out that we had only two to choose from. . . .and one of them didn't fit right. Olivia is so young and her face is so narrow that there really isn't a selection at all. So, the glasses aren't my favorite by any means and I hate the big plastic bridge part over the nose, but the point isn't to win a fashion contest. I want to do everything I can to help give her the best vision that I can. Hopefully, these glasses can do that and. . . .Olivia can make anything look cute. (Plus, the bigger she gets. . .the cuter the glasses get.) Her prescription isn't very strong and it doesn't seem that her eyesight is that bad. The glasses are basically supposed to help her eyes relax so that they can focus better. . . .thus reducing the chances for a second surgery. We should be able to pick up the glasses next week. Please pray that she takes to the glasses and that we see an improvement with her eyes.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma Mary!

Happy Birthday, Grandma Mary! I love the time we spend together!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009 - Update

I'm going to have to wear glasses, but I don't even like to wear clothes.

I'm kinda bummed about the whole thing. It's not that it's a huge deal to have glasses. Millions of people have glasses. . .I have glasses. But, no child should have to wear glasses. . . at least not until they're in school.

The eye doctor appointment was awful (although Olivia really acted the best that she could under the circumstances.) I made Ryan come with me because it was a dilation appointment and those are the worst. She screamed and screamed and there were two people holding her eyes open and two of us holding her arms and legs down. . .just awful. We were given three options:

1) We could do nothing and continue to monitor her.

2) We could try her in glasses to see if it helps her focus. Chances are. . .it probably won't, but there is also a chance that it could and save us from another surgery.

3) Surgery, which is extremely likely if we do nothing.

So, we opted for the glasses. We haven't picked out any frames yet, because Olivia was in no mood to have something else forced on her today. I honestly think that she'll look adorable in glasses, but it still breaks my heart just a bit.
Any advice on glasses (where to buy them, how to keep them on, etc.) would be appreciated.

***Now, on to some incredible news!!! My goodness!! Our little team is competing with the big boys! Not only are we the #1 family team, but we are the #2 overall team!!! We're on a roll now. Please donate whatever you can and help us make quite the impact on April 18th!

As of April 6, these outstanding teams have raised the most funds:

#5 Bank of the West

#4 Wichita Clinic PA

#3 NICU Entourage - Via Christi Regional Medical Center

#2 Olivia & Logan

#1 Wesley Medical Center

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009 - Update

Isn't she gorgeous? I'm so glad that she got her daddy's eyes.