Saturday, August 3, 2013

Abigail Harper

Abigail went to her first movie yesterday, Despicable Me 2. She did pretty good. I never would have dreamed of taking Olivia to a movie at 8 months. She would not have sat still and because she projectile vomited almost every bottle, I never fed Olivia in public.

This girl is super stubborn though and if her mind is set on something, she doesn't give up. For instance, at the movie she wanted to pull the straw out of my cup. And she would not give up, even when I put the cup on the floor. And she is surprisingly really really strong!

Abigail loves her big girl baths! She has loved baths since she was a newborn.

And loves her food, of course. She had her eye on Olivia's grilled cheese and would not give up until she accomplished her goal. Score! I'm hoping she will not be as hard headed as my husband!

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My Techy Girl

She is already getting lessons on the iPad from big sissy. She is drawn to electronics! Seriously, if there is a phone, computer, remote control, etc anywhere in the room she will bypass any toy to get to it. She has already called my dad, posted to Facebook and texted one of my friends. At 8 months. I'm a little worried. LOL!

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Olivia's Bad Day

My sweet Olivia had the worst day today. We woke up to find that our pet fish, Rooster, had died. At least he went peacefully in his beloved pineapple house.

We also went outside for a walk to find that her yellow flowers, the marigolds that she got me for Mother's Day, had died also. She was surprisingly really sad about that too.

And then. . .this happened!

How did she get a gash across her eye? Well, I'll explain it in the words that she used to describe it at the minor emergency.

"Well I was curious and went downstairs to the storage room to see what daddy and the plumber were doing. And I tripped and fell on the hard floor and hit my head on a fan."

Blood everywhere! Nice gash on her eye and pretty good bump on her nose.

About 4 hours later, I noticed that it was still bleeding, so I took her in to have it looked at. Thankfully, she didn't need to have stitches.

She was such a trooper! Here is hoping that tomorrow doesn't include any deceased fish or head wounds!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday, July 29, 2013

Well I made the silly mistake of trying to sell Olivia's old infant bouncy seat and suddenly she is extremely attached to it. LOL!

This is how she watched tv today.

Goofy girl! She is convinced that she still kinda fits in it. Olivia also got upset about selling an old gaming rocker.

"Not 'ole Blacky! (Apparently it has a name now.) I'll give it a few weeks and try again. LOL!

Hmm, and this happened today.

We decided to go to a park today. I checked the radar and all of the rain looked north of us. But, 2 minutes after we got there, it started raining. The three of us stood under a really large tree, which helped at first and then it really started raining! And then it REALLY started raining. So, we decided to make a run for it. Of course, this particular park is quite a ways from the parking lot, so the three of us were drenched by the time we reached the van. LOL! And today our hot water heater isn't working, so we couldn't even get nice, hot, warm showers. But, somehow it was a really nice day.

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