Thursday, March 16, 2017


Wow, I have just been a bit overwhelmed lately.  Many of Olivia's health problems have just surfaced over the past year.  She has gastroparesis and was put on EryPed, which seemed to help, but it was extremely expensive.  So, we switched to the generic erythromycin and it seems to make her really nauseous.  Her doctor says there wouldn't be a difference between them, but we swear that there is.  On top of gastroparesis, she has had hematuria and proteinuria. . .of which nobody seems to have a clue why.  They are targeting a problem with her kidneys, which I believe I have mentioned before.  Next step is a kidney biopsy.  She is also having frequent headaches that no one can figure out.  Olivia also recently underwent testing for learning disabilities and ADHD.  We get those results this afternoon.  If you could just say a little prayer for Olivia. . .that doctors would get to the bottom of everything so I will know the best way to help her.  She is a trooper, as usual, but I know the tests and appointments have been difficult for her.