Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday, June 17, 2010 - Update

Why is it that I can only capture her smiles in the bathroom?

I met with my doctor today and he confirmed that I do have diabetes. It feels weird to type that. I don't know how to feel about it. . a part of me has longed for answers. Another part of me knows it will be a lifelong challenge to manage it. I had some more bloodwork done today, including an A1C that will show my blood sugars over the past 3 months. If that is okay, I will meet with a dietician to manage my diabetes through diet. If it comes back abnormal, I will be looking at medications, meters, etc. My doctor thinks it will just take a change in my diet. Luckily, I have an awesome husband who will change much of his diet along with me. And, I've heard from several friends who are going to do the same. Cutting out sugar, soda and carbs is probably good for everyone, although it will be a challenge. But, if it truly helps me feel better, it will be worth it. A part of me wonders. . .polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS - the cause of my infertility) has been linked to insulin resistance and diabetes. If I get my blood sugars under control, will that help my PCOS and in return. . .my fertility? Is diabetes linked to premature birth? Many people have asked if I had gestational diabetes. That test was scheduled for week 24 and I only made it to 23 weeks. . .so I don't know. With the answers come many more questions, I suppose. Please pray that I am able to successfully manage this with my diet and that doing so doesn't depress me too much. :) I really really love all kinds of bread.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Beautiful Girl

She just makes life so much sweeter. . .

Olivia passed her hearing tests today. They tried to get Olivia to wear these ear buds, but she wouldn't tolerate it, so we had to go into the sound booth. This required Olivia to sit still and be really quiet. She did awesome considering that's very difficult for her. They would ask her to point to her nose, eyes, ears, etc. at different sound volumes. She didn't respond to the real soft volumes (but I could barely hear them.) Then, they'd play noises and she'd have to look towards the right or left and a toy would appear. All in all, I think she did great. . .with just a bit of crying. Tomorrow, we try week #3 of gymnastics. I hope it goes as well as the last week! We've been practicing a lot at home.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday, June 15, 2010 - Update

Tomorrow, Olivia has a hearing evaluation that is required by the school district. I'm pretty sure that she can hear just fine as she passed every hearing evaluation as a baby and I can't cough without her waking up. Oh, and the fact that she can repeat the word "onomatopoeia." But, I'm curious to see what they find out and how they actually perform hearing tests on toddlers. She'll definitely not raise her hand when she hears a beep. I almost forgot that she had the test tomorrow or that I'm meeting friends for lunch or that I have to pick up her weighted blanket or that another friend is coming by tomorrow after work. Sheesh. . . that tells me I have a bit too much going on as I usually have to cancel something to go to something else. Oh, the days of sitting at home and doing nothing are over. . .thank goodness. Hopefully, I'll find a better way of organizing my days. In college I was the epitome of efficient. . not quite sure what happened but I always feel like I'm forgetting something nowadays.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010 - Update

No pictures today, mom.

Olivia has been so funny lately. She has recently taken a huge interest in her baby dolls. . .especially her Bitty Baby. I keep asking her if the baby has a name other than just Baby. Last week, she seemed to think about it and informed me that her baby's name was. . .Table. I laughed so hard that Olivia seemed to think she had chosen a really good name so I'm afraid it's going to stick. Baby Table. . .Maybe I'll have to help name my grandchildren.

Ryan and I purchased a new washer and dryer over the weekend. Our current ones were given to us in 2001 as an engagement present. They have been awesome and I'm a little sad to get rid of them, although they are on their last legs. Hopefully, our new ones will be just as good. We purchased an LG front-loading washer and dryer that have received stellar reviews. Sadly, we don't get them for another 2 weeks. I think I'll be kind of excited to try out a load of laundry. . .that doesn't happen often. :)