Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday, August 14, 2010 - Update

We took a day trip out to western KS for Ryan’s uncle’s wedding.  It was Olivia’s first wedding and her first long road trip (3 hours each way.)  We stopped in Dodge City, KS and ate at Montana Mike’s for lunch.  Then, we headed to Jetmore, KS for the wedding, but not before stopping at a little park to play.


Olivia liked the park, but she did NOT like walking in the sand with her sandals on.


It was  much better if mom or dad held her. :)


They had fun slides along with yellow swings. . .


. . .and red swings and of course she had to swing in them both.


Then, it was time to head to the wedding.  WARNING:  When you have an already adorable little girl and you put her in pigtails and a pink, frilly dress. . .her cuteness may be too much for some people. :)


Hey, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Me and my pretty girl!


The newlyweds!


Daddy and Olivia blowing bubbles.  Olivia would probably say the bubbles were her favorite part about the day.


She LOVED the bubbles.


So much she could hardly contain herself.


I think all of the kids enjoyed them.




IMGP4244cropped (2)

After the wedding, we headed back to Dodge City and we all ate at El Charro. . .Ryan’s favorite Mexican restaurant.  It was yummy!  Then, it was time to get comfy and ready for the car trip home.

It was a long day.  We’re headed to bed, but not before we say:


Congratulations Donnie and Iola!



Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday, August 13, 2010 - Update

We recently took down the baby gate and Olivia is enjoying her newfound freedom.  She now brings toys from downstairs to upstairs and from upstairs to downstairs.  It was convenient being able to separate them. .  :)  Oh well. . .it was time and it’s nice to see a smile on her face just from going up and down the stairs without restrictions. 


Olivia and I had a great time with Stacie and Madison today.  Sorry that we don’t have any pictures of their visit.  It’s really neat to see the two of them interacting more and more.  Olivia talked about Madison coming over all morning long and was giddy when they came to our front door.  We have enjoyed doing that and watching Dora for the bazillionth tenth time.  :)  Olivia has never been a TV watcher. . . until just recently.  She has always liked Dora, but has never watched an entire episode of anything.  Now, she wants to watch Dora over and over again.  I consider it a good thing that she is finally showing interest in things that normal toddlers do.  I just wish I could get the Dora song out of my head. 


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday, August 12, 2010 - Update

I picked up Olivia’s polka dot picture today and thought it turned out beautifully.  Camera Angles did an awesome job as I know Olivia is not an easy child to photograph.  What a sweet way to remember the end of her 2nd year.  I can’t believe she’ll be three in almost two weeks!

Camera AnglesIMG_8X10

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My goofy girl

I know, you come here for the pictures. . .admit it. :) I try to have a picture with every post, but that’s been difficult lately.  Why. . .you ask?  Well, these are the kinds of pictures I have been getting lately.


This is what she did when I told her I wanted a picture of her new glasses. (They’re pretty, though, aren’t they?)

IMGP4075cropped (2)

This is what she did when I told her to smile.  (Notice she has really pretty teeth.)


And this is what she did when I told her to smile normally. . .what a goof! 

Tuesday, August 10, 2010 - Update

Well, I was bad today and gave Olivia one of her birthday presents early.  It is incredibly hot outside and we were bored and finger painting sounded like fun, so she got her smock and finger paints early.  She did really good.  She’s like me in that she doesn’t like her hands messy.  After painting for a bit, she asked to wash her hands.  We washed them and I assumed that she was done, but she wanted to paint again.  Each time she dipped her fingers into the paint, she wanted to wash them.  :)  She created quite the masterpiece and we had a lot of fun doing it.  Now, for something else to occupy the remaining hours of the day. 





Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday, August 9, 2010 - Update

We went to pick up Olivia’s new frames today and it seems her pink ones are on backorder until the middle of next month.  So, they gave us a loner pair to use until then.  We now have a brown pair and I’ve decided I actually like the brown ones better than the pink.  They even have cute flowers on the side.  Too bad we’re getting another pink pair. . .at no cost to me so I’m not complaining.  The brown would go so well with the upcoming autumn season though.  Darn. . .maybe next time we have to buy new frames we can do something different. 

photo (2)

And here are her new glasses. . .although you can’t really tell what they look like in this picture with the glare.  I’ll try to get a better pic.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Just thought I’d give a quick overview of how Olivia is doing as she approaches her 3rd birthday.  I’m sure many of you would like to know and if I don’t write it down. . .I won’t remember it.

Eating:  It’s kind of hit and miss.  She has her good days and bad.  This weekend was a good one as she ate everything from green beans to cheese enchiladas to broccoli.  Her weight remains steady around 23.5 lbs.  We’re hoping to make it to 24 lbs by her 3rd birthday on the 27th. 

Sleeping:  Fantastic!  She basically puts herself to sleep at night around 9 pm and sleeps until 8-9 am.  We rarely hear anything from her at night.  She doesn’t usually take any naps during the day, though.

Potty training:  Not there yet.  We’ve “practiced” a bit here and there.  I know I’m going to have to set aside a few days for nothing but potty training.  I’m dreading looking forward to  it. :)

Vision:  She still wears glasses to strengthen the muscles in her eyes.  We are looking at a 2nd strabismus surgery in the future. . .probably sooner than I’d like as her eyes have been crossing more lately.  We are also looking at another surgery to remove the keloid scar on her neck. 

Language:  I think she communicates wonderfully as she knows how to get her needs across.  She has wonderful pronunciation and her vocabulary is vast.  I know, however, that she is not quite at the 3 year old level.  She LOVES to sing and has amazing pitch and rhythm.  This is definitely an area where she is “ahead.”

PT/OT:  She has some tightness in her left foot that we are keeping an eye on.  Right now, we’re trying to do some stretches with her foot.  Her fine motor skills are vastly improving.  She is able to eat with a fork and spoon!  We’re working on puzzles, stringing beads and coloring.  

Interests:  Gogum, Lily, Abby Cadabby, Sesame Street, Dora, Clifford, balls, books, playing with cars, dollhouses, trains,  music, singing.  And potties. . .she has a fascination with finding the bathrooms everywhere she goes.