Saturday, July 4, 2009

New Kids On The Block

Last night was my highly-anticipated New Kids On The Block concert. It was awesome. . .just awesome. It was so much fun and it did so much for my state of mind. I was a huge fan back in the day and went to their concert when I was in the 6th or 7th grade. This time, my mom didn't have to go with us. . .and I could drive myself. :) I have to say that I enjoyed it even more the second time around and they were just as I remembered them. Some of Angie's pictures turned out better than mine, so many of these pictures are ones that she took. Thanks ladies for such a wonderful night!! Now, I'm getting ready for fireworks. . .looks like it's going to be another late night.

Part of our crew

The rest of our crew. Special thanks to Angie for getting us such great seats!

And there they are!!!

Jon, Joey and Jordan

Ah. . .Jordan.

And there's Jordan again. (Can you tell who has always been my favorite?)

This one is for you, Kerry!

Amazing! I can't believe how good they all looked 20+ years later.

Great concert! They sang a nice mix of their old and new songs.

Almost over. . .

I didn't want it to end.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thursday, July 2, 2009 - Update

Making our fourth of July plans

Oh, they'll be so much fun!

Thanks to everyone for your comments. I know that I shouldn't worry about Olivia's weight gain. I tell myself that over and over again, but I still do. Maybe that will lessen with time. . .ya know, when there will be something else to worry about. :) She is doing fabulous with her vocabulary. Today, she saw the squirrel at grandma's house and said, "Skirl! Woof Woof!" Okay, so squirrels don't say woof woof, but I couldn't believe she said squirrel!

I am really looking forward to this weekend. Tomorrow night I'll be hangin' tough with my girlfriends at the New Kids On The Block concert. I really really really need a night out to relax and have a good time. Then, Saturday will be the 5th (?) annual Glunt fireworks display. We always get together with Joel, Laura, Julia and Rebekah to shoot off fireworks and watch our neighbors' displays. This year, we're hoping and praying that it won't be the last as they face the prospect of moving away. It just wouldn't be the 4th without them. We have envisioned doing this for many more years. And one day the girls will invite their boyfriends and instead of watching the fireworks we'll be trying to determine whether they're worthy of our girls. This weekend will definitely be a "blast!"

A Bit Disappointing

Well, I weighed Olivia tonight and she's back down to 18.9 lbs. She had gotten up to 19.5 lbs before she got sick and I thought we were on our way to 20 lbs. I found these interactive growth charts from Rhys's mom and sadly, Olivia's not on the weight chart for her actual OR adjusted age. I just guessed on the length, so she may not actually be on that chart either. Kinda disheartening as I have felt that she has been eating really well lately. I'm just shooting for the 5th percentile to get us on the chart!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009 - Update

Izzy and I at lunch
Well, it was a much better (headache-free) day. Olivia and I slept in until 10 am!! We played. Then, met Shelley and Izzy for lunch. We played some more and threw in a 2 hour nap! We are both feeling pretty good. She has been an angel lately and I was so proud of how both of the girls acted at lunch (sure, they were a bit messy, but. . ) Some days Olivia behaves so well, I just wish I knew of an extra special way to reward her.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Tuesday, June 30, 2009 - Update

Not much to talk about today. I had a severe headache with horrible nausea for about 17 straight hours. . .it was awful. Finally, after Ryan came home from work, he watched Olivia while I crawled in bed with an ice pack on my head. After sleeping for an hour, I felt much better. Olivia was angel for me all day. I think she knew that mama didn't feel well. I don't have any pictures because Ryan is putting in a new hard drive. I can't access my pictures in the meantime. Olivia is still as cute as ever and she has added gorilla sounds to her repertoire.

Also, just wanted to remind everyone to buy their fireworks from our church's firework's tent at 45th and Maize Rd. It's in the parking lot of of our old high school.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday, June 29, 2009 - Update

Olivia has learned so many new things lately. The other night, she learned how to remove her diaper and ran around the house squealing in the nude. When she wants a snack, she finds the bag, gives it to me and patiently waits for her snack. When she wants to read a book, she finds it, gives it to me, turns around, sits on my lap and smiles. Of course, lately it has been the same book over and over. . .The Rhyming Dust Bunnies. There is a part where the dust bunnies are sucked up in the vacuum and she thinks it is hilarious. She even tries to imitate the Thhhwptt sound. She is really good at imitations. Sometimes when she says woof woof, I'd swear we had a dog in the house. :) Oh, and she does a perfect elephant. . .better than me actually. She still opens and closes cabinets and doors. The other day we were playing "Mama Get You" and she ran into the bathroom and closed the door. Smart girl!! She amazes me every single day. There are still developmental milestones that she hasn't met, but there are so many amazing things that she does every day that I'm just not worried.