Saturday, March 7, 2009

March For Babies T-Shirts!

Here are the Olivia and Logan Team t-shirts! Of course, they had to be yellow as that is Olivia's favorite color. Anyone that raises and/or donates $75 or more receives one of these for free. Anyone can also purchase them for $6.00 plus shipping and handling (to be determined) if you would like them mailed to you.

Whether or not you are purchasing one or receiving it as an incentive, you must let me know how many and what sizes you would like BEFORE March 14th. That is when I am buying the rest of the t-shirts. These are adult sizes. Email me or leave me a comment with this information as soon as possible.

Youth sizes are also available, so please specify if you are needing a youth size. I'm trying to find infant/toddler shirts to match as well and I'll let you know if I do.

If you are purchasing one, please make the check payable to Jodi Glunt and send to me as soon as possible. Once payment is received, I will let you know when your shirt(s) are ready.

If you plan on going to the walk, don't forget to click on the banner on my sidebar and sign up to walk on our team! Please let me know if you have ANY questions or concerns. We're all going to make quite a statement in our matching t-shirts. Thank you all for supporting us and March of Dimes.

Here Kitty Kitty

Me and my kitty
Come back here kitty!
My mommy won't let me keep him.

Well, I finally got pictures of the cat that comes to see us when we go for walks. I'm pretty sure he belongs to one of our neighbors. . .although I think he spends most of his time outside. Olivia loves him! He reminds me of my favorite cat of all time, Caleb, who was one of the strays that I took care of at my apartment. He even looks like Caleb without the bit of gray. What a sweetheart. . .so very gentle and loving and always purring. I'd love to have a cat. Unfortunately, my mom is allergic to cats so I never had one growing up and then I marry a man who is allergic to cats. So, what do I do? I get guinea pigs that I am allergic to. Olivia and I will just have enjoy this sweet kitty who comes to visit us every once in awhile.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009 - Update

Thanks, Katie, for my horse t-shirt. I think it goes very well with my pony and my horse puzzle piece.

The last two days I have felt a little better than usual. I don't know if it's the weather, the fact that we're all sleeping through the night or if some of my medications are finally working. This morning, Olivia and I went to the mall to get me a new pair of sunglasses. Normally, I don't go places with Olivia where I will be one on one with a salesman, but I've realized that I'll deal with men before women. Why? Well, us women are too "hands-on, how old is your baby, how sweet, touchy-feely." Men don't pay as much attention to your baby which is what I want during RSV/flu season. Anyway, lately I've felt like buying new sunglasses, strappy sandals, painting my nails, etc. These are all things that I have felt too tired and uninterested in for the past year or so. Maybe I am finally starting to feel happier again and more like myself. . .maybe I have a bit of spring fever. Whatever it is. . .I am welcoming it with open arms. Right now, Olivia is napping and I am not and I normally can't get through the day without a nap. This is a good sign, right?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Guess Who Is Finally Over 18 lbs?

That was hard work.

Thursday, March 5, 2009 - Update

Can't you just picture her in a couple of years, making this face and saying, "Ughh, meatloaf again?
Another silly face

I was up until 2 am last night working on a design for the March for Babies t-shirts. I can't sleep when I'm in the middle of something. Please begin thinking whether or not you would like a t-shirt. I think I will have an incentive so that if you raise and/or donate a certain amount of money, you will receive a free t-shirt. They will also be able to be purchased for under $10. I will be posting in a few days asking for amounts, sizes, etc. so that I can order the t shirts in bulk. Also, if you sign up to walk by March 13th, your name will be entered to win a family portrait session complete with an 11X14 portrait by Christopher Clark Portraits (valued at $425.) Winner is announced at the walk. Look for lots of additional info to come soon!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, 2009 - Update

I love my snacks. . .especially Yogurt Melts. I could eat a pouch a day.
Mommy thought the living room needed a bit more pink.
Such concentration. . .

We made a trip to Target today. We were out of Yogurt Melts and I had a birthday gift card that was burning a hole in my pocket. Sorry, Kelley, the gift card went towards this cool tunnel instead of towards something for me. It's more fun to buy her things anyway. Note to self: Don't try to go through the tunnel again. It's not as wide as it looks and getting stuck causes a bit of claustrophobia.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009 - Update

Sometimes I think a dog would come in handy.

It's so funny to watch Olivia sort her food. Some of it gets placed to the far right of her high chair (this may or may not be eaten later) while some of it gets thrown onto the floor. A few prized pieces of food actually make it into her mouth. We haven't yet pinpointed the criteria because just when we think we got it figured out, Olivia throws us a curveball.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday, March 2, 2009 - Update

We finally made it home from our apppointment (that was 2 1/2 hours long!) We came out of it with really good news, however. They tested Olivia on a multitude of different things and found her to be at around a 10-12 month level in most areas. Her actual age is 18 months and her adjusted age is 14 months. This is fantastic considering that four months ago, she was only at a 4-5 month level. She has progressed 6 months over the past 4 months, so she is catching up. I'm glad that I brought the video of her walking because I assumed that she wouldn't walk in a strange place with strange people. . .and I was right. Her doctor loved the video of her walking and said she had perfect "Frankenstein" form and was doing a great job. I was also told that cerebral palsy (even in its mildest form) can be crossed off the list as she doesn't see any indication of it. This is huge and something that always weighs on the mind of any micro-preemie parent. The area that she seems to be falling behind in is her speech, which is ironic because that is the area she was always ahead in. No one is too concerned about this because she makes a lot of noises and mimics a lot of sounds. She just doesn't say any word consistently except dada. I was very proud of Olivia as she did very well for as long as we had to wait. She was tired, hot and hungry (as was I) but still managed to show off many of her skills. I especially like when she starts waving bye-bye to people who aren't ready to leave yet. Thank you for sharing in my joys and caring so much about my daughter. She has definitely come a long way from her start as a 1 lb 1.5 oz baby.

Look At My Baby Go!!!

I'm so very proud of her. She makes me laugh every time she balances herself. . .it's like she dances a little jig. I need to allow her to walk a little more often than I do, but I hate watching her fall. Last night she had two big knots on her head. We try to catch her, but that doesn't always work. I need to start bubble wrapping the house. I'm just beyond proud of her. She also slept last night from 8:30 pm to 9 am. . .without making a peep. She's happier, we're happier. . .things are good.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday, March 1, 2009 - Update

So sweet

Wow, it's March already. I can finally see the end of winter and I'm so excited. I am grateful for the warm weather that we have had quite a bit of. There are more 70 degree days in the forecast this week!

One thing I love about watching Olivia grow is discovering what interests her and what doesn't. She's always loved music, puzzle pieces, blocks, ponies and we're finding she loves the color yellow. Those are always the first letters that she takes off the refrigerator. She has also become attached to her yellow Funshine Care Bear. She snuggles with it, kisses it, lays her head down on it and her face lights up when she sees it. It is too cute.

Olivia has an appointment tomorrow with her developmental pediatrician. Last time Olivia saw her was last October and she still wasn't using her arms or grabbing onto toys very well. I'm thinking that she will be amazed by Olivia's progress and hopefully we get nothing but good news.