Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009 - Update

Olivia was sprawled out in the wagon. Poor Izzy didn't have any room.

Adorable Izzy

Happy Birthday, Katie!

I just haven't had a lot of time to blog lately. We've been really busy. Gone are the days where we stay in the house for days on end. We've been getting out and about and doing all kinds of new things. Today, Olivia went swimming for the first time in a big pool! We swam with Shelley and Izzy in their neighborhood pool and Olivia did really well. I think she liked the big pool better than the kiddie pool. She even kicked her feet while I floated her across the water. She was sure to let us know when she was done swimming, though. Boy, was she unhappy! When she got in the wagon to ride back to the house, she was grinning ear to ear. I was a little disappointed to find that none of my "before pregnancy" swimsuits fit. I had to pull out the "hot tub" swimsuit. Kim, you know the one! Sadly, it now fits!

I am trying to get back into shape. I know that will help my fatigue, but I just have to get motivated. Ryan bought us a Wii Fit and we've started doing that. I am also going to start going to Jazzercise since my sister-in-law is an instructor. If anyone else wants to join me, let me know. Hopefully, all of these changes will help me feel better and better each day.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009 - Update

Olivia and Izzy
(with a gerbil and a chicken.)

Olivia is really blessed with awesome cousins. Today, she got to play with her cousins: Alex, Katie, Aidan and Kaleb at grandma and grandpa's. She had a blast and enjoyed their company so much. She loves Julia and Rebekah as well and her and Izzy have become good little friends.

I'd write more but I am extremely tired tonight. I've had to proofread this short post three times and have continued to catch errors. So, I'll just say good night.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 - Update

I can't believe that Olivia is going to be two next month! It's a little hard because I know developmentally. . .she is nowhere near two. I can't help but remember, however, that last year at this time, she wasn't even able to sit up. She didn't pass that milestone until after her first birthday (and eye surgery.) Look how far she has come! The random person who asks how old she is doesn't know all this and I won't go into explaining it all. So, I just make up some random age. I wish that wouldn't be the first question that people ask because it's a tough question to answer. For most, it's probably the simplest of answers. Why can't they just ask what her name is?

This illness is going much better than the last few mainly because she doesn't fight me as much with the bulb syringe. Funny story. . . .her favorite book is Rhyming Dust Bunnies. There is a part in the book where the dust bunnies are sucked up by the vacuum cleaner and she loves the sound I make. She makes the sound herself all of the time. Sucking snot out of her nose makes a similar noise and she thinks it is hilarious. Of course, every time I clean her nose out, it reminds her of the book and I have to read it for the millionth time, but that's a small price to pay. :) She's such a silly girl!

Oh, one more story. . .I'm trying to teach her to use crayons. She just does not understand the concept and gets so angry when I put the crayon in her hand to make her draw. She thinks crayons are only meant to be shook. Today, she got really angry and threw the crayon down the stairs. . . .hitting the wall on the way down. . .and leaving a nice, blue mark. Does that count as her first artistic expression?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 - Update

It has not been a good week for our household. We haven't slept very good the past two nights and with Olivia sick, I have ended up sleeping with her in the recliner. Last night, we attempted to go to bed early only to wake up less than an hour later to storms. I got up to check the weather (and to make sure Olivia's water table was still on the deck) and I heard a dripping noise. I turned on the light in the kitchen to find water leaking from our light fixture in the ceiling. Then, we lost power which woke Olivia up because she lost the glow of her night light and her white noise. Ryan is home today repairing the many shingles that we lost as a result of the crazy, heavy winds. So, we're all tired, Olivia is still sick and I'm ready for the week to be over.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday, July 19, 2009 - Update

She was so happy and well in this picture. Who knew she'd be feeling yucky just hours later? Poor Olivia is sick again. . .nothing major. . .just another upper respiratory type thing, but with a temperature this time. She's handling it like a trooper. My biggest concern is that we were finally gaining weight and I'm sure this will set us back once again. It's hard to eat with that much snot in your nose. Poor thing. I'm hoping she feels better soon.