Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday, July 21, 2009 - Update

It has not been a good week for our household. We haven't slept very good the past two nights and with Olivia sick, I have ended up sleeping with her in the recliner. Last night, we attempted to go to bed early only to wake up less than an hour later to storms. I got up to check the weather (and to make sure Olivia's water table was still on the deck) and I heard a dripping noise. I turned on the light in the kitchen to find water leaking from our light fixture in the ceiling. Then, we lost power which woke Olivia up because she lost the glow of her night light and her white noise. Ryan is home today repairing the many shingles that we lost as a result of the crazy, heavy winds. So, we're all tired, Olivia is still sick and I'm ready for the week to be over.


Just Breathe said...
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Just Breathe said...

Sorry about that, I just can't seem to type. I read my comments over again, they seem okay, then I see it posted and it's a mess.

I hope everything improves for you and things get back on track real soon. ((HUGS))