Saturday, August 18, 2012

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Today, we celebrated my niece’s 5th birthday party at the Bug Lady Academy.  They got to see tarantulas, snakes, guinea pigs, bunnies, birds and even a pig!  Olivia had a great time and what a fun party! 


Izzy, the birthday girl!


Don’t peek!


And she wasn’t even afraid of the snake.  The adults were much more afraid of everything than the kids were. 

In other news, I’ve about had it with our cat, Kelsey!  First, she starts peeing in the playroom and we have to re-carpet a corner of it.  Then, she hisses for days at Tobey after his surgery.  Then, I get home the other day and she had knocked Pinky’s cage off onto the floor!  So, naturally we keep Olivia’s bedroom door shut.  Well, last night she was so determined to get in that she completely tore up the carpet trying to get under the door.  I was livid!  Granted, it probably wasn’t a good idea to bring a furry little critter into the house with three cats, but my other two could care less.  Kelsey is OBSESSED with him.  This is where she sleeps every chance she gets!

photo (59)

So, naturally I’m terrified that Kelsey is going to eat Pinky.  We super-glued rubber pieces to the bottom of his cage/aquarium so that Kelsey can’t push it off.  It came with latches to secure the lid and I also purchased Safety First child proof straps for added protection.  I think Pinky is safe.  Then, Pinky escaped from his ball tonight and luckily I always make sure no cats are around when he’s out. 

photo (58)

And, don’t get me wrong. . .Kelsey is a good, sweet cat.  She’s just been causing lots of trouble around here lately and is driving us a bit crazy!  I honestly don’t know what’s gotten into her.  Does she sense that a baby is coming?  Or is she jealous of Olivia’s new pet?  Good grief!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our Sweet Little Girl

I’m so excited for another little girl.  For one, I have tons of girl stuff.  I also never had a sister so I’m excited for Olivia to have one.  And, only a mother of a former micropreemie would feel some relief knowing it’s a girl since they statistically do better prematurely than boys.  Praying that is not even an issue as I’m bound and determined to go full term!!  I would have loved a little boy too.  But, Logan will always be my sweet boy looking down on his sisters. 

 photo (59)


photo (57)

Legs. . .and boy are these some strong legs.  You wouldn’t believe the kicks I get with her.  I think she’s a future karate star or something.  I never got kicks like this with Olivia and Logan. 

Anyway, glad I could share the news with all of you faithful blog readers.  Thanks to my sister-in-law, Shelley, for throwing me an amazing party tonight.  It meant the world to me!!  And thanks for all who attended.  It meant so much to have you there.  Our baby girl is already so very loved!

The BIG Announcement

IMGP0245 (3)

It’s A Girl!!!!!!!!

IMGP0228 (2)

IMGP0232 (2)

IMGP0233 (2)


IMGP0238 (2)


IMGP0241 (2)


It’s A. . .

Beautiful Baby!  (That was kind of mean, wasn’t it?)  Gender announcement coming tonight!

photo (58)

My sister-in-law, Shelley, is throwing me a gender reveal party tonight.  This is the box to be filled with blue or pink balloons.  Pictures and the exciting announcement to come later tonight!

And my not so exciting news. . .I talked with my doctor after the ultrasound.  Everything is fine, baby is measuring perfect, cervix is a good length.  I do, however, have an irritable uterus, which was one of the reasons I was admitted overnight to the hospital last week.  That, in and of itself, is not too uncommon.  It’s basically due to the fact that your uterus does not want anything in it, so it contracts in an attempt to get it out.  It’s not a problem unless it changes the cervix and so far, it hasn’t. And, I also have a cerclage holding my cervix together this time.  But, I can guarantee that is the cause of my premature labor last time.  If it doesn’t like one baby, it sure didn’t like two.  I’m not on bed rest, but my doctor instructed me to take care of my basic needs and that of Olivia. . .and that’s it.  I am on progesterone shots, which can help calm the uterus.  I also have to take Benadryl every night because of it’s calming effect.  I go back in two weeks and if I’m still having uterine irritability, they will do a fetal fibronectin test that tells us the chance of going into labor within 2 weeks.  If it’s negative, I can breath a short sigh of relief.  If it’s positive, I would have to go on hospital bed rest.  So, a lot to prepare myself for.  A lot of things that I can no longer do.  But, it will be worth it for the health of this beautiful baby.  Please please keep me and this beautiful life inside of me in your prayers.  We still have a ways to go. . .

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

photo (57)

Here is Olivia with only a fraction of her many stuffed animals.  They all seem to congregate in her room and I have to take a tub load back downstairs.  I loved stuffed animals growing up, but I think Olivia loves them even more.  Thankfully, a birthday present she is receiving will help alleviate some of the problem. 

Speaking of birthday presents and her love of soft and furry things, I still can’t believe I let her get a hamster.  Honestly, I think the guilt of not being able to do as much with her this summer made me cave.  And his little face is pretty sweet. 

photo (56)

And. . .tomorrow night I will get to announce whether Olivia is having a brother or a sister.  Be sure to stop by and find out!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Glunt Family Zoo

Tobey had surgery today to remove 4 retained baby teeth.  His adult teeth came in, but his baby teeth didn’t come out.  This is way more common in dogs than it is in cats.  During the surgery, it was discovered that one of his lower canines had poked through to his nasal passage!  This was the cause of the sneezing that had been commonly occurring lately.  His food may have gotten caught up there and he had to sneeze it out. Sad smile  So, along with 4 baby teeth, he had to have one of his lower adult canines removed.  And, the hole in his nasal passage had to be stitched up.  Needless to say, he has one sore mouth right now.  He’s on canned food for the next 2 weeks which means ALL three cats have to be on canned food because I can’t leave any dry food out.  Luckily, he’s the easiest animal in the world to medicate and literally begs for medicine out of a syringe.  He’ll be on pain meds and antibiotics for awhile.  He also has stage 2 periodontal disease because he had no spaces between his teeth causing plaque to build up.  I’ve never brushed my cat’s teeth. . .I just give them dental chews.  But, I may have to switch to a special dental health dry food for Tobey.  Honestly, if something can medically go wrong with a cat. . .it will with Tobey.  He’s only 2 1/2 years old and has had quite a few medical problems.  But, he’s the sweetest guy ever, albeit a little annoying due to his need for constant companionship.  And he is Olivia’s “best friend” as she calls him.  I’m a little irritated at Kelsey right now because she has been hissing at him all night and she NEVER hisses.  I understand he might smell different after being at the vet, but give the poor guy a break!  At least he’s getting extra love from the rest of us tonight. 

photo (57)

photo (58)

And. . .what do you get the girl who has everything for her 5th birthday?  A hamster, apparently. (And a sibling for Christmas too.) We gave Olivia an early birthday present and she is so incredibly excited.  Completely overjoyed!  She promptly named him Pinky.  LOL!  He is a huge guy who is one of the most docile and calm hamsters ever. (Reminds me a bit of my hamster, Ralphie, that I had growing up, so I’m kind of a sucker for him.) Very tame and sweet and no one wanted him because he wasn’t a “baby.” 

photo (59)

photo (56)

So, that’s our life right now.  Crazy crazy, but I guess that’s the way we like it. LOL!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

Olivia and her cousin, Izzy, visited their Great Great Aunt Mary this afternoon. They had a wonderful time. When we left, she asked them to be sure to come back.  Olivia asked me what day it was.  When I told her it was Monday, she promptly said that she would come back every Monday.  Olivia always makes me smile. 

photo (57)

photo (58)

Good luck to Izzy who starts kindergarten tomorrow morning.  We’ll be thinking of you!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

21 Weeks

photo (56)

Current size of baby: 10 Inches

How far along? 21 weeks

Total weight gain: 13.5 lbs

Inches Gained: 5 inches

Maternity clothes? Yes.

Sleep: Okay

How I'm feeling Better now. I had cramps this past week and ended up in the hospital because of uterine irritability and dehydration.

Best moment this week: Knowing that m y cervical length is good, cervix is closed and baby is doing good.

Food cravings: Peach pie

Food aversions: None

Gender: Everyone will find out this Thursday!

Labor Signs: NO. Thank goodness

Belly Button in or out? Out

What I miss: I’m just truly grateful right now that I’m out of the hospital, not on bed rest and baby is doing fine.

What I am looking forward to: My OB appt and sonogram on Thursday. Continually praying for a healthy baby!

Milestones: Ryan felt the baby kick for the first time this week.