Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Glunt Family Zoo

Tobey had surgery today to remove 4 retained baby teeth.  His adult teeth came in, but his baby teeth didn’t come out.  This is way more common in dogs than it is in cats.  During the surgery, it was discovered that one of his lower canines had poked through to his nasal passage!  This was the cause of the sneezing that had been commonly occurring lately.  His food may have gotten caught up there and he had to sneeze it out. Sad smile  So, along with 4 baby teeth, he had to have one of his lower adult canines removed.  And, the hole in his nasal passage had to be stitched up.  Needless to say, he has one sore mouth right now.  He’s on canned food for the next 2 weeks which means ALL three cats have to be on canned food because I can’t leave any dry food out.  Luckily, he’s the easiest animal in the world to medicate and literally begs for medicine out of a syringe.  He’ll be on pain meds and antibiotics for awhile.  He also has stage 2 periodontal disease because he had no spaces between his teeth causing plaque to build up.  I’ve never brushed my cat’s teeth. . .I just give them dental chews.  But, I may have to switch to a special dental health dry food for Tobey.  Honestly, if something can medically go wrong with a cat. . .it will with Tobey.  He’s only 2 1/2 years old and has had quite a few medical problems.  But, he’s the sweetest guy ever, albeit a little annoying due to his need for constant companionship.  And he is Olivia’s “best friend” as she calls him.  I’m a little irritated at Kelsey right now because she has been hissing at him all night and she NEVER hisses.  I understand he might smell different after being at the vet, but give the poor guy a break!  At least he’s getting extra love from the rest of us tonight. 

photo (57)

photo (58)

And. . .what do you get the girl who has everything for her 5th birthday?  A hamster, apparently. (And a sibling for Christmas too.) We gave Olivia an early birthday present and she is so incredibly excited.  Completely overjoyed!  She promptly named him Pinky.  LOL!  He is a huge guy who is one of the most docile and calm hamsters ever. (Reminds me a bit of my hamster, Ralphie, that I had growing up, so I’m kind of a sucker for him.) Very tame and sweet and no one wanted him because he wasn’t a “baby.” 

photo (59)

photo (56)

So, that’s our life right now.  Crazy crazy, but I guess that’s the way we like it. LOL!

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