Saturday, October 3, 2009

Saturday, October 3, 2009 - Update

What a blessing Autumn has been for our family. It's like she was made to fit in perfectly with all three of us. Watching Olivia interact with her warms my heart every time. And, I think Autumn has done more for my depression than medication, counseling and exercise combined. We're learning all about Autumn's schedule and where she likes to sleep. In the mornings and evenings, she is literally attached at the hip, but disappears for 5-6 hours in the afternoon. I learned her favorite spot is in the office closet, on top of these drawers. . .completely hidden by my sweaters hanging up. Before I learned this, I could not find her anywhere. I was sure that she had somehow escaped when the UPS guy came. I was almost in tears when Ryan got home from work because I hadn't seen her in 6 hours and thought I had looked everywhere.

We are working on her table manners and trying to get her to stay OFF the table. She begs for people food worse than a dog. I have to hold her in a headlock while we're eating. . .and last night she still managed to bat my food off of my fork on the way to my mouth. Then, I caught her finishing up Olivia's left over macaroni and cheese this afternoon before I got it put up. It probably doesn't help when I catch Olivia sneaking her goldfish crackers. But, Autumn has definitely become one of the family and passed the ultimate test.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday, October 2, 2009 - Update

My sweet Olivia Paige

I'm so tired of this H1N1 stuff. I worry enough about Olivia's health. . .I don't need this. I'm especially tired of hearing about a heartbreaking death followed by "but he/she had other underlying health conditions." For one, that doesn't calm the fears of the parents whose children have underlying health condtions and two, they say it as if that particular person's life wasn't as important as those whose health is impeccable. Now, I know Olivia has been doing amazingly well (miraculously well, actually) but, that doesn't erase the fact that she was born at 23 weeks with lungs that are scarred. I worry so much about something happening to Olivia. . .it almost torments me at times. I think the addition of Autumn to our family is helping me with that. It sort of gives me something else to think about and animals are great stress reducers. Thankfully, Autumn is fitting in really well. . .otherwise I would have something else to WORRY about. Poor cat doesn't really have much leeway. . .if she showed any amount of aggression towards Olivia, she would have to find another home. Autumn, however, doesn't have a mean bone in her body. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm a pretty good judge of character. . .especially when it comes to those of the furry variety. Autumn is an amazing cat. The only problem we are having with her is that she is throwing up a lot. Am I just destined to be around vomit? I have no idea, but I've enlisted the help of my vet (as well as any of you that may have ideas?) Please continue to pray that she wins over the heart of my husband. He's a bit tougher to win over than Olivia and me. So far, his allergies have been okay, but we keep Autumn out of the bedroom and our house is actually cleaner than it was before the cat. But, a two year old lives here. . .so what do you expect?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday, October 1, 2009 - Update

My perfect kitty

Olivia and Autumn are becoming the best of friends. It is amazing to watch! Where one goes, the other one goes. Autumn is no longer showing any apprehension about Olivia. Olivia still shies away from Autumn's over-abundance of affection, but I think it will be very good for Olivia's sensory difficulties.

Sleepy girls

I think Autumn is feeling comfortable in her new home! What do you think?

Now, I have to put her back in her carrier and take her to the vet for her first checkup.

** Autumn's appt went well. My vet thought she was one of the sweetest, gentlest kitties he's ever met! Looks like my Bath and Body Works email was right! :)

My Two Beautiful Girls



I am blessed. :)

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 - Update

We had a playdate today with Stacie, Erica (Stacie's sister) and Madison. I don't know who had more fun. . .the younger girls or us older ones. I've decided playdates are just as beneficial for the moms as they are for the kids. Our girls get along fabulously and I can't wait until they are old enough to really play together. Each time Stacie and I get together, I can't help but remember the time when neither of us thought we would ever be mothers. We thank God every day for our precious children.

Wow, thanks friend!

Autumn Update

So pretty!

Had to move this plant. . .

Autumn and my fig tree, Hilga.

I'm so in love with Autumn. To understand my admiration, you must understand that I have wanted a cat all of my life and I have never had one. My mom is very allergic. The closest I have come is taking care of multiple stray cats throughout my lifetime, starting with Thomas (who my brother and his friends referred to as Cone, which always upset me) then Caramel, and all of my apartment kitties including Caleb. Now, don't feel too sorry for me. I have owned: 1 goldfish, 2 hamsters, 2 bunnies, 1 bird, 10 guinea pigs, 2 rats and the greatest dog in the whole wide world. Hmmm. . .I will have to dig up some old pictures and do a whole post on our dog, Tyrone, that I had from the time I was 4 years old until I was 18. I want Autumn to be that animal for Olivia. . .one that she remembers growing up with. Autumn is growing more comfortable in her new home every day. I'm sure it frustrates her that everything in our house seems to play music when bumped into. And, she doesn't apppreciate Olivia barreling through the house with her shopping cart. Pretty soon, I'm sure Autumn will be riding in that shopping cart. And, even Ryan is enjoying Autumn (pretty much because she leaves him alone) but, I'll take that as a positive. Oh, how I love my kitty.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Free To Good Home

No, not my kitty. :) I think I'm going to need to get rid of my houseplants. Autumn is obsessed with them. I know that many plants are toxic to cats and I'm not sure what kind many of mine are. Some are a mixture of many plants, including one peace lily, which I know are dangerous. I really, really hope Hilga is not on the toxic list. Yes, I name my favorite plants. I bought Hilga back in 2001 when I moved into my first apartment, so she's been with me for a long time. I think she's some sort of fig tree. Hopefully, Hilga can stay, but I may need to get rid of the rest. It was so cute because Olivia knows not to mess with the plants and I've never had any problems. So, when she saw Autumn messing with them, she kept saying, "No, no Kiki! No no!" Then, she would look at me like, "She's not listening, mom! I know NEVER to mess with no-no's"

Autumn is doing well, although I can't find her most of the time. Her favorite spots include behind the washer and dryer (do you know how filthy it is back there?) and behind the couch. She is exploring a lot more, but remains terrified of Olivia. Olivia is just tickled to death, however, that there is a kitty in the house. She laughs every time she sees her. I take Autumn into the vet on Thursday for her first check-up. She is really skinny and I haven't yet seen her eating, so I hope she's okay.

Did you hear that I have a kitty?

Monday, September 28, 2009

Perfect Autumn, Perfect For Everyone, It's Finally Here

Well, I guess it's time to reveal the big secret. First of all, I have the most amazing husband, but that comes as no surprise. Never would I have imagined to be married to such a wonderful man who is such a wonderful father. My husband, my non-animal lover, allergic to cats husband, gave us the green light on a kitty. We found a six month old mixed tabby rescued stray from Lifeline Animal Placement and agreed last night that we would welcome her into our family. I had to fill out an application and was told it could be 2-4 days before I would hear anything. So, I figured we would bring her home around the middle of the week. I gave Ryan many choices on names, but I wanted him to pick the official name (ya know, maybe that would give him more of a personal investment.) We decided on. . .Autumn. Her coloring reminds me of autumn and we got her in autumn. Last night, I tossed and turned over this decision. It seemed ironic. . .Ryan agrees and the only thing between Olivia and her kitty is. . .me. I prayed about it. I wanted her to be the right kitty for our family. Ryan is allergic to cats and I'm mildly allergic. . .so, is this going to be right for everyone? Early this morning, I got a call that I was approved and Autumn was mine to pick up. I wasn't expecting it today. I actually told them I'd probably pick her up tomorrow. Do I welcome this new addition to our family on the anniversary of the day that I lost our most precious son? Why did the timing work out like this? Do I really think this is the right cat for all of us? Then, I sort of chuckled at an email that I received this morning from Bath and Body Works. The subject line read:

Perfect Autumn, Perfect For Everyone, It's Finally Here.

That was sort of an answer to my prayers, as silly as it sounds. I told my husband about it and he said, "So, you decided on the cat because Bath and Body Works told you to?" I listen for answers to prayers in the weirdest places. About 8 1/2 years ago, I knew Ryan was the one for me after praying about it and finding out days later that we both had a fake tooth. . .in the exact same spot. To me, that was the confirmation that we were meant to be. Of course, as I know. . . prayers are rarely answered that clearly.

So, I picked Autumn up today and brought her home. She was so very scared. I brought her down to the basement, showed her the litter box and food and left her alone for awhile to get comfortable. She was terrified of Olivia, but who wouldn't be if a little person was running after you, squealing, "Kiki! Kiki!" Olivia is just so excited about her kitty. Sadly, we haven't seen much of Autumn as she's been hiding out in the basement all day. At one point, I couldn't find her anywhere and discovered that she had climbed into the hallway closet and was snuggled up with some old towels and blankets.

So, here she is. . .our little Autumn. I finally spent some time with her tonight after Olivia went to bed and I think I officially became her human. She snuggled up next to me and purred and purred and licked me and wanted her tummy rubbed. I held her and thought about Logan and cried. We comforted each other as I'm sure she fretted about where she is and I fretted about where I've been. I think she will be an amazing cat for our family, we just have to keep our allergies under control. I wanted something "good" to happen in September and although nothing can take away the pain of losing Logan. . .it's always nice to have a new reason to smile.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Logan William 8-27-2007 to 9-28-2007

Big News

Be sure to check this blog later in the week for some BIG news! No, it's not THAT big. . .but, it's pretty big! Can't wait to share!

Sunday, September 27, 2009 - Update

Yesterday, we went out to visit Logan's grave. It's been a little frustrating lately because items that have been placed out on his grave have come up missing. I mentioned this on facebook and everyone was outraged and couldn't believe that this happens. It is actually more common than you think. It took me awhile to accept that it wasn't anything personal, although I think Logan's grave has now been targeted as one with "cool stuff." So, unfortunately, we can't decorate it like we have in the past. I have received, however, many interesting ideas such as attaching alarms, video surveillance, or simply placing labels that state "This was stolen from a baby's grave" or "You are being watched." I figure that the people who do such awful acts need our prayers more than anything else.

That's my brother.
The biggest gift we've received this weekend is that Olivia said her brother's name for the first time. We were looking at pictures of him and I asked her who that was. She said, "Lolo," and then kissed his picture. It brought tears to my eyes. What a sweet sister she would be!