Monday, September 28, 2009

Perfect Autumn, Perfect For Everyone, It's Finally Here

Well, I guess it's time to reveal the big secret. First of all, I have the most amazing husband, but that comes as no surprise. Never would I have imagined to be married to such a wonderful man who is such a wonderful father. My husband, my non-animal lover, allergic to cats husband, gave us the green light on a kitty. We found a six month old mixed tabby rescued stray from Lifeline Animal Placement and agreed last night that we would welcome her into our family. I had to fill out an application and was told it could be 2-4 days before I would hear anything. So, I figured we would bring her home around the middle of the week. I gave Ryan many choices on names, but I wanted him to pick the official name (ya know, maybe that would give him more of a personal investment.) We decided on. . .Autumn. Her coloring reminds me of autumn and we got her in autumn. Last night, I tossed and turned over this decision. It seemed ironic. . .Ryan agrees and the only thing between Olivia and her kitty is. . .me. I prayed about it. I wanted her to be the right kitty for our family. Ryan is allergic to cats and I'm mildly allergic. . .so, is this going to be right for everyone? Early this morning, I got a call that I was approved and Autumn was mine to pick up. I wasn't expecting it today. I actually told them I'd probably pick her up tomorrow. Do I welcome this new addition to our family on the anniversary of the day that I lost our most precious son? Why did the timing work out like this? Do I really think this is the right cat for all of us? Then, I sort of chuckled at an email that I received this morning from Bath and Body Works. The subject line read:

Perfect Autumn, Perfect For Everyone, It's Finally Here.

That was sort of an answer to my prayers, as silly as it sounds. I told my husband about it and he said, "So, you decided on the cat because Bath and Body Works told you to?" I listen for answers to prayers in the weirdest places. About 8 1/2 years ago, I knew Ryan was the one for me after praying about it and finding out days later that we both had a fake tooth. . .in the exact same spot. To me, that was the confirmation that we were meant to be. Of course, as I know. . . prayers are rarely answered that clearly.

So, I picked Autumn up today and brought her home. She was so very scared. I brought her down to the basement, showed her the litter box and food and left her alone for awhile to get comfortable. She was terrified of Olivia, but who wouldn't be if a little person was running after you, squealing, "Kiki! Kiki!" Olivia is just so excited about her kitty. Sadly, we haven't seen much of Autumn as she's been hiding out in the basement all day. At one point, I couldn't find her anywhere and discovered that she had climbed into the hallway closet and was snuggled up with some old towels and blankets.

So, here she is. . .our little Autumn. I finally spent some time with her tonight after Olivia went to bed and I think I officially became her human. She snuggled up next to me and purred and purred and licked me and wanted her tummy rubbed. I held her and thought about Logan and cried. We comforted each other as I'm sure she fretted about where she is and I fretted about where I've been. I think she will be an amazing cat for our family, we just have to keep our allergies under control. I wanted something "good" to happen in September and although nothing can take away the pain of losing Logan. . .it's always nice to have a new reason to smile.


Amy said...

I love the name you picked and she is adorable. She looks like our kitty Tabby. I know she will warm up to Olivia and they will be the best of friends. And I am so glad you had her to snuggle with on this day of all days. Good luck with your new addition and God Bless each of you!

McTriplet Mommy said...

Oh how exciting! What a great thing for all of you. I find answers to prayers in the oddest places, too... words repeated on TV, newspaper articles, etc. I think it's exciting God spoke to you so clearly about this new addition.

Take care, thinking of you,

Shea said...

Yay! That is so awesome! I'm so glad Autumn can be a part of your lives! You'll have so much fun with her, and it sounds like Olivia is having a ball!