Saturday, August 15, 2009

Izzy's Birthday Party

Today, I went to Izzy's 2nd birthday party! It was a GREAT party!

Here is Izzy with her Papa Oof Oof. Her other grandpa is Papa Cars. Speaking of Cars, she had a Cars birthday party!

I got to play with my own balloon.

And I had to explain to mama that I need to eat at least 3 goldfish at a time.

Here is Izzy's Lightning McQueen cake.

And she blew out her candles. She's going to have to teach me how to do that next week!

She liked the Handy Manny doll and the book that I got her.

She was so good at opening her presents. She is going to have to teach me that too.

She got a lot of nice gifts!

And here I am playing with Ruven. Mama kept joking that I was trying to steal Izzy's boyfriend.

But, I wasn't. . .we're just friends. I can see why Izzy likes him. He's really nice!

Here is Izzy and Ruven jumping on her new trampoline.

And I had to have a cupcake before I left. Yum Yum! What a fun party, Izzy!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday, August 14, 2009 - Update

Our own 2 year pictures

Today, Olivia and I hung out with Aunt Shelley. She had to take her vehicle in for new tires and instead of waiting around for them, we picked her up, went to lunch and hung out. That part of our day was great. Then, I got this crazy, harebrained idea to have some professional pictures done of Olivia. She looked adorable in her glasses and hair bow, and was in a great mood. I figured having an extra adult on hand would also be nice. I have been wanting to have pictures done of Olivia for a long time, but I have been nervous to see how she'd react. I envisioned surprising daddy with tons of adorable pictures and was so excited. Well, my dream ended as fast as it began and I left feeling defeated with a crying child, zero pictures and my tail between my legs. There was too much going on, too many people and she became way over-stimulated. I wish they took the pictures in a room that was closed off from the waiting area. There was no way Olivia would sit still for pictures and we quickly gave up. Then, she had a complete meltdown when I tried to calm her down in the car. Now, I don't know that I'll try again for a really long time. And, I really, really, wanted 2 year pictures taken. I guess I will have to make due with my sub par photography skills for awhile longer. :(

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 - Update

Come on, mom, it's bedtime!

Izzy with her glasses "like Olilia."

Thanks everyone, for your words of reassurance. I guess it just seems that compared to other kids around the same age, Olivia pays less attention to people around her and instead focuses on walking around. This is especially true when she is somewhere new. They have library storytimes and zoo classes for children Olivia's age and I just don't see Olivia sitting still and listening. She would be all over the place. Maybe she just isn't there developmentally yet and next spring. . .we'll be able to do those things. One thing is for sure. . . .Olivia warms my heart each and every day. The other night, she ran up to me and tightly wrapped her arms around my neck. Then, she proceeded to give me lots of kisses. At that moment I remember thinking. . .my daughter truly loves me and it was such a wonderful feeling.

Go, Go, Go

Olivia and her cousins at the Wichita Historical Museum.

Today, we went to a local museum with Olivia's cousins, aunts and grandma. The more that I get Olivia out and about and around other children her age, it becomes more apparent to me. I honestly thought all children her age were always "on the go." But, Olivia has a very hard time keeping still. Again, most young children cannot sit still for long, but it is to the extreme with Olivia. She can be in her stroller as long as we're in constant movement, but she would prefer walking around. So, she was not happy going to a museum with all of the stop and go's until I let her walk around.

Here she is zooming around the museum.

And here she was making the rounds at Holli's shower last weekend.

Hopefully, it's something that improves with age. I don't know if it also has to do with the fact that Olivia does not like any kind of containment. It doesn't matter if it's changing her diaper, brushing her teeth, cutting her nails, being held or just giving a simple hug. I often wonder if it's because she was constrained in an isolette for months instead of moving around inside the womb? Is this part of her sensory processing disorder? Is it better to let her get the stimulation she needs or do I need to work on getting her to sit still? I'm sure these are questions that I can ask her developmental pediatrician next month. I just want to know that I'm doing what's best for her.

In other news, she has started asking for her glasses every morning and she wears them all day. We have truly turned a corner and I see that it's really helping her eyes. What a blessing!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tuesday, August 11, 2009 - Update

Who needs a dog. . .

when you can take your balloon for a walk?

She wasn't that intrigued with her helium filled balloon yesterday, but today it has become her new best friend. Boy, she's going to have a blast the day after her birthday party!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Many of you have read my posts recently about concerns over Olivia's growth. She is back down to about 19.7 lbs and between 29-30 inches tall. I am very proud of her growth. She was born at 1 lb 1.5 oz and 11.5 inches long! She's happy, healthy, petite and perfect. So, why am I concerned about it? At her 18 month appt, she was well below the 1% on her growth chart and her doctor was concerned because she is no longer following her own curve. He said if he is not pleased with her growth at her 2 year appt, he wants to run some tests to see if she is deficient in growth hormones. Some children who were born extremely premature have to take daily growth hormone injections. I do not want this!! It is controversial because some parents do this just so their children do not grow up to be small or short, but are not deficient in anything. I'm sure that some children may need them, but the thought scares me. I don't expect Olivia to be very big. . .I'm barely 5'2" and Ryan isn't that tall either. I just want her to be happy and healthy. I know I shouldn't worry about this unless I have to, but I just wanted Olivia to be big enough at her 2 year appt so that the conversation doesn't even happen. Does anyone have any information on this? I just want to be prepared before her appointment in case it is brought up. Here is an article that kind of explains what I'm talking about.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Uncle Joel! He turns. . .one year older on August 10th!
(This picture was taken June 2008)