Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009 - Update

Come on, mom, it's bedtime!

Izzy with her glasses "like Olilia."

Thanks everyone, for your words of reassurance. I guess it just seems that compared to other kids around the same age, Olivia pays less attention to people around her and instead focuses on walking around. This is especially true when she is somewhere new. They have library storytimes and zoo classes for children Olivia's age and I just don't see Olivia sitting still and listening. She would be all over the place. Maybe she just isn't there developmentally yet and next spring. . .we'll be able to do those things. One thing is for sure. . . .Olivia warms my heart each and every day. The other night, she ran up to me and tightly wrapped her arms around my neck. Then, she proceeded to give me lots of kisses. At that moment I remember thinking. . .my daughter truly loves me and it was such a wonderful feeling.


Anonymous said...

What a messy face... that was a messy day, wasn't it?? We had fun!

Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

Honestly, I didn't think Ella would do well at zoo class either, but she loves it. They have so many activites that the kiddos stay pretty entertained. You might try one and see how she does. Ella doesn't sit well for library class, but she loves zoo class.

Julie said...

That is the cutest picture of Iz and Shelley!

Anonymous said...

Remember she's just a little over 18 months adjusted. I don't know a lot of 2 year olds who sit still for long periods of time.. I know even less 18 month olds that stay still.

As far as the someplace new thing.. she's probably just checking it all out, and making sure its safe. It's just a place she doesn't know.

Maybe you could try doing your own makeshift group settings. Just the two of you. When you read a book during the day, find a spot and make your own circle time.. same place every time. Then she'll know when she sees kids (like at story time at the library or something) she'll do it then too, because she's used to it. Invite her cousins over and do it with them too.

Also, I don't know if you do a lot of art or other creative things, but make a time for that every day too. Put her up in her high chair, and it could be as simple as giving her crayons and paper, or you can go all out with play dough or other messy creations. This will help her to associate sitting with instruction too and will help her a great deal when she gets to the preschool/school age.

I noticed in one of your pictures in the background you have the little tykes table and chairs.. this is a WONDERFUL spot to do art. She'll get used to sitting in a real chair, she'll get used to STAYING in the chair, and cleaning those things.. I swear there is nothing (except dry wall paint) that won't come off if with a magic eraser!!

Have fun and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Also letting her do art at the little table is a great way to teach her that that's the only place she uses crayons/markets, etc... I started that with Alayna at about 18 months and I've NEVER had to keep the crayons and (dry erase) markers out of her reach (dry erase markers are also another staple around here.. when she gets a little bigger, you can print worksheets off the internet, use self laminating sheets and let her go at them with the markers... they cleanup with a napkin, or after they've sat a magic eraser works wonders on them too). She's 4 now and still will go get her crayons and sit at her little table.. and like I said... cleanup is a SNAP!

Another thing you can start doing with her soon, which will help her concentration is to have her draw a self portrait every month. Give her a mirror and tell her to draw what she sees (wait until you think she can understand what you want her to do) but only give her a little guidance (like "olivia, what else is missing, what goes here" and point to where the nose would go). It's amazing to see the change from month to month in the drawings.

I also worry about Alayna's development. She was 4 1/2 weeks early, and while that seems like nothing compared to Olivia, I've seen a few things with her. Hers is mostly her colors, and she also has a hard time paying attention.

I really do think it's immaturity and the fact that she's never been in a structured group setting, and something she'll get better at with time spent in school, but it worries me when I see kids younger than her rattling off their colors like nothing, have been reciting their ABC's for almost a year and who can already write their name.

I worry that she'll get to school and be way behind, even though she is SUPER smart! I know a lot of it is that her mom (I'm her aunt but raised her pretty much the first 2 years) doesn't spend a lot of time focusing on that stuff, but still..

anyway, I think you're doing a great job with Olivia, and she'll be just fine!