Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday, May 15, 2010 - Update

I am thinking about putting Olivia in a gymnastics class this summer. It would really be good for her sensory needs (she loves constant movement)and hopefully would help her learn to wait in line, listen to instructions, etc. Luckily, the parent attended classes last until she is 3, which won't be until the end of summer. I'm not ready to put her in a class by herself. Now, I just have to figure out whether to put her in class at the Y or at Acrobatic Academy. We have been thinking about joining the Y this summer to go swimming and if I have to pay for that anyway, it would be cheaper to take the class at the Y. If we don't join the Y, it would be cheaper to take it at Acrobatic Academy. Not sure what we're going to do, but summer is almost upon us, so I'd better decide, huh?

Thursday, May 13, 2010


So, for Mother's Day, Ryan surprised me with a new flat iron! You see, my hair is pretty thick and hard to straighten. The last time I got my hair cut, I asked my stylist what kind she uses. . .because it straightened my hair quickly. She said she uses one called u smooth that I had never heard of, but she would be able to order me one at cost. It was too expensive (although not much more than my chi. . .which I have never liked.) I later told Ryan about my plan to save up money each month to buy my new flat iron. Little did I know, Ryan was saving up HIS money and ordered me one for Mother's Day. Isn't that sweet? I got it tonight and had to try it out. Ryan doesn't understand why this one is better than my other one, so I actually made him straighten a bit of my hair with my old one and then my new one. Sold. He now understands. :)

Speaking of hair, Olivia got her hair cut today. She went with her cousins again. And. . .she even sat in the chair this time! What a big girl! Thanks to Grandma and Aunt Kimmy for taking her. Okay, enough talk about hair. Hopefully, I can get some pictures of Olivia with her new hair cut and talk again about her.
I've got nothing. . .no interesting stories, no new pictures of Olivia. . .I'm a slacker, I know. But, we're all doing well and hope you are too. Have a wonderful day!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I thought I would just give a small update on Miss Kitty. We usually call her that or simply kitty. I'm not even sure that she knows her real name is Autumn. But, she is doing great and has more love to give than any other cat I've ever met. She would literally snuggle with me all day if she could. She is definitely MY kitty. It makes me feel bad because I don't always have that much time to give. I'm busy with Olivia all day. . .who hates for me to be on the laptop. So, once I put Olivia to bed, Autumn and the laptop fight over my attention (which is the reason for the lack of posts lately.) Autumn still, however, is wary of people who come over to the house and usually runs and hides. Well, except if you're Olivia's Rainbows' teacher. . .Autumn is crazy about her. I think she must roll around in catnip before she comes over because Autumn won't leave her alone. Autumn still sleeps above my head every night. . .it wouldn't seem right without her there. She truly adds a lot to our little family and we're all so grateful for her. . .yes, even Ryan. :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

We celebrated Mother's Day today at my brother's house. I was lucky enough to celebrate with my daughter, my mother AND grandmother. Happy Mother's Day to all of you who wish to be mothers, who cannot be mothers, who soon will be mothers and who are mothers. May God bless all of you!

Olivia with Grandma and Grandpa Sailing


Grandma Sailing and Olivia

Aww mom. . .don't brush my hair!

My cousin, David, and his little boy, Zachary.