Saturday, August 6, 2011


photo (21)

This is what Olivia’s bed looks like most nights.  Her nighttime companions consist of:



Her pillow pet*

Two blue gogums*.  Pink gogum must sleep on a pillow on the floor covered up by a blanket because she got chocolate milk on her once which seemed to have banned her from bed.

Her dollhouse changing table that plays music

Two dollhouse cribs

A bear figurine

An elephant figurine

A mouse figurine

A panda figurine

Percy the train

Lily*, Leap and Tad toys

A flashlight*

Her ballet mat which is really the door to her tunnel

A doll

A blanket*

A few books*

A cup of water*

Whew. . .try finding all of those things before bedtime!  And she knows if one thing is missing.  It sometimes varies each night, but the ones with the asterisks remain the same.  And she goes to sleep listening to Kids Praise 5: Psalty’s Camping Adventure after reading two books with mom and dad.  Talk about a creature of habit!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Busy Day

photo (25)

Our day started out with Olivia’s last Kindermusik class.  It was kind of sad because it’s over and she really enjoyed it.  We are unable to take the fall class because it is on the same day as Olivia’s preschool.

photo (28)

Izzy and Kelsey

Then, we took Kelsey into the vet for conjunctivitis.  My niece, Izzy, took one look at her and said, “She has pink eye just like I had one time.”  And, isn’t conjunctivitis kind of another word for pink eye?  But, I think it can be more serious in cats.  So, I’m hoping the antibiotic takes care of it and we don’t have any further problems from it.  But, she wouldn’t be my cat if something wasn’t wrong with her (like Tobey with his diskospondylitis and Autumn with her asthma.)

photo (26)

Afterwards, the girls came home and played for awhile.  Then, we got ready to go to the carnival at Olivia’s preschool.  It kinda reminded me of the fun nights of yesteryear.  We used to have them every year at my elementary school.  The funny thing is. . .I don’t know how many cake walks I did as a child and I never, ever won anything.  And tonight. . .I won for the first time ever!  Now, that I’m diabetic, of course. 

photo (27)

photo (30)

Olivia had her face painted for the first time ever.  She wanted a pink mouse and made quite a cute one! 

photo (29)

And I thought Izzy made an adorable panda.  All in all. . .a great day!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Monday, August 1, 2011


Here is Olivia and her buddy, Mckenna. Olivia and I enjoyed a great play date this morning with great friends.

photo (19)

All of my kitties (Autumn, Tobey and Kelsey) eating together. . .with no hissing! LOL!  They are all doing very well together.


And look who Kelsey has wrapped around her little finger!


Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Olivia’s cousins were in town this weekend from Arkansas and we really enjoyed seeing them.  Olivia received some early birthday gifts including some handmade bows by her aunt Kimmy.  Down in Arkansas, all the girls wear big bows in their hair.  I find that fascinating because that really isn’t a big thing here, which is a shame because it’s adorable.  Isn’t that funny how there are so many differences between parts of the country?  So, Olivia embraced her inner southerner today and wore a hair bow and a Razorback shirt. 

photo (40)

photo (38)

photo (39)

photo (42)

Here she is playing DS with her cousins.