Saturday, August 6, 2011


photo (21)

This is what Olivia’s bed looks like most nights.  Her nighttime companions consist of:



Her pillow pet*

Two blue gogums*.  Pink gogum must sleep on a pillow on the floor covered up by a blanket because she got chocolate milk on her once which seemed to have banned her from bed.

Her dollhouse changing table that plays music

Two dollhouse cribs

A bear figurine

An elephant figurine

A mouse figurine

A panda figurine

Percy the train

Lily*, Leap and Tad toys

A flashlight*

Her ballet mat which is really the door to her tunnel

A doll

A blanket*

A few books*

A cup of water*

Whew. . .try finding all of those things before bedtime!  And she knows if one thing is missing.  It sometimes varies each night, but the ones with the asterisks remain the same.  And she goes to sleep listening to Kids Praise 5: Psalty’s Camping Adventure after reading two books with mom and dad.  Talk about a creature of habit!


angie c said...

My girls are the same way!! It's crazy!!

Amanda said...

I seriously just cracked stinkin up. Lol. The one that got me, was "the changing table from her dollhouse that plays music" :) haha. Well ya! Who wouldnt wanna sleep with that?! It sounds cozy! She's a hoot. Really. Love it. Lol

Alicia said...

LOVE IT!!! Sure wish we lived close to each other, Olivia sounds like such a fun little girl! I seriously laughed as I read what she has to have each night. Kylie's like that also, but on a much smaller scale, though I think it's going to just get worse as she gets older! today for her nap, Kylie had to have her baby, a frog, an empty cup, and a blanket....she then threw it all out of her crib and went to sleep! I guess she just wanted it in her room with her.