Thursday, August 7, 2014

More Daisy

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Meet Daisy

Olivia recently began asking for a dog.  She wanted a chihuahua with long ears that she could name Daisy.  I had my own long list of necessary traits like must not be a puppy, be potty trained and from a rescue.  On a whim, I visited the humane society and found our Daisy.  

She is an extremely gentle and affectionate 2 year old dog. . .a  potty trained chihuahua with big ears. 

She is so good with the girls, which I'm surprised at with such a small breed.  Some have a reputation for not being good with small children.  Daisy is a very gentle soul who I believe is meant for our family.   I have yet to even hear her bark.  

I have never seen Olivia so in love.  Every hour or so, she says," I can't believe we have a dog!" She used her tooth fairy money to buy her a toy at the pet store.

So, that's our Daisy.  What a sweetie!!