Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Day At The Fair

Ryan, Olivia and I headed to the state fair today.  What a gorgeous day to be at the fair!  The weather could not have been any nicer than it was today.

photo (62)

Olivia enjoyed making her very own rocket ship in an arts and crafts building.  She flew that thing around all day until it fell apart.  Reminder to self: Help Olivia make a new rocket ship this week. 

photo (61)

We couldn’t miss the pig races.  Our favorite pig was Lindsay Lo”ham.”  Sarah Jessica Porker was a close second. 

photo (60)

Olivia enjoyed playing in a little pink house. . .

photo (63)

and eating her first Pronto Pup.  Yum!

photo (58)

The animals are always a big hit for Olivia.  She really enjoyed feeding the animals in the petting zoo.

photo (65)

Here she is petting a 6 month old baby calf.

photo (64)

Of course, a 5 year old’s trip to the fair would not be complete without riding the rides.  She always enjoys riding rides and has little fear.  If only she was taller, she’d be riding the big kid rides!

So, how does a high risk pregnant lady spend all day at the fair?  With wheels, of course!  Ryan wouldn’t let me go without renting a wheelchair.  He takes such good care of his girls!

photo (59)

And here is Olivia’s first carnival win!  She won a stuffed duck during a game of Lucky Duck.  Apparently, a girl can’t have too many ducks. 

photo (57)

What a fabulous day!  And Olivia was just an angel all day long.  Not a whine or a cry or an “I’m tired.”  I’m just so proud of her all the time.  So lucky to be her mommy!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Second Day Of Preschool

photo (57)

Olivia’s second day of preschool went really well.  Her teacher actually called me afterwards to touch base which really impressed me.  Olivia is doing great!  Her teacher is blown away by her verbalization skills.  The “problem” is, she seeks out her teachers (and probably talks their ears off) and doesn’t interact with the other kids.  I’m sure that is more common in children who grow up without siblings, but Olivia almost prefers the company of adults.  She has friends her age, but they are kids that I introduce to her (cousins, kids of my friends, etc.)  She hasn’t ever gone somewhere and “made” a friend on her own.  I pray for the day that she comes home and tells me about her new friend!! 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Baby Sister

I went in today for a cervical length measurement. It was good at 3.5 cm. Her fluids were good and she was just all around perfect. I think she was sleeping because her heart rate was slower than usual and she wasn't kicking and moving all around like normal. Hard to believe that I'm almost 25 weeks and no bed rest in sight. What a blessing! And last night, Olivia got to feel her kick. Poor Olivia thought that she kicked her because she didn't like her. I had to explain a bit and Olivia decided she was probably giving her a high five instead. LOL!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

First Day Of Preschool

Olivia started her first day (of her last year) of preschool.  Ever since meeting her teacher last week, she has shown no apprehension at all.  Today was no different.  She now attends Kidslink at Pathway Church (formerly Westlink.)  She will be with regular developing peers and receive occupational and physical therapy while there.  She showed such a maturity today that I was just blown away!

photo (62)

photo (63)

photo (57)

photo (58)

Does this not look like a little girl eager to learn or what?

photo (61)

The hallway leading up to her classroom looks like a Main Street with a paved road, lamp posts and store fronts.  She, of course, had to get her picture taken in front of the pet store.

photo (60)

And. . .in front of the fire station. 

photo (59)

She was so excited to get to her room.  We got there early (you know me) and the lights in her classroom were still off.  When they finally turned on, she couldn’t wait to go in.  She was so excited that she forgot to tell me good-bye.  I waited for a bit by the door thinking she’d turn around, but she never did. LOL!  So, it’s now officially harder on me than it is on her.  They were sitting on the floor playing with zoo animals when I left (right up her alley.)  They were instructed to take two and I heard her teacher say, “Now, Olivia. . .you have more than two!” Haha! Of course she probably took a whole pile.  Can’t wait to hear about her day!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Halloween Preview

My daughter loves Halloween and for those who know my husband, you know why.  She definitely takes after him.  Yesterday, we went to Halloween Express to find her a costume.  (We figured going this early, none of them would be picked over. LOL!) She tried on everything from a clown to a butterfly to an elephant.  The three of us had so much fun. She’d put them on and then model them for all the employees.  She decided on the elephant and she looks so cute, I can hardly stand it! 

photo (57)

Is that not the cutest elephant you have ever seen?  And, it is such a soft, well made costume too. Let’s just hope we have a cold Halloween. So far, she has been a giraffe, tulip fairy, witch, puppy and now elephant.  She really likes to dress up as animals.  But, she also wants to be a butterfly when she grows up. LOL! 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Sunday, September 2, 2012

24 Weeks

Current size of baby: Cantaloupe

How far along? 24 weeks

Total weight gain: 18 lbs. . .Yikes! Four lbs in one week. Guess that makes up for the two weeks I didn’t gain.

Inches Gained: 5.5 inches

Maternity clothes? Yes.

Sleep: Pretty good

How I'm feeling So incredibly blessed to be 24 weeks. I can do this! I can do this!

Best moment this week: When Olivia started talking to baby sister and giving her kisses. She comes up to my belly and tells her all kinds of things. Since Olivia has never shown a lot of interest in baby dolls I honestly didn’t know what she would think of having a baby around. Wow, she is so excited! She talks every day about the things that they can do together and already loves her so much! It is amazing!

Food cravings: I’m still on a tomato sauce/marinara kick. I had tomato soup the other night and found out Olivia liked it too!

Food aversions: None

Gender: Girl!

Labor Signs: NO. Thank goodness

Belly Button in or out? Out

What I miss: That “I’m full” feeling.  It’s nonexistent right now.  I could eat and eat and eat.  I have to guess when a normal person would be full.  (Soon after I posted this, I developed horrible heartburn/indigestion.  Guess that’s what happens when you make it to 24 weeks. But, I say. . .”Bring on the discomforts!” It means I’m still pregnant! )

What I am looking forward to: Having a December baby!

Milestones: Every day is a milestone now. I’ve never been this pregnant before. I’ve never been pregnant in September. I’ve never worn fall maternity clothes. So many “firsts” from now on.

No belly shots of me this week, but these are better because they are of Olivia.

photo (57)

Olivia and Ducky

photo (58)

photo (59)

And this, my friends, is huge!  Olivia barely lets me brush her hair and NEVER actually lets me fix it.  Of course, I had to bribe her with a popsicle and M&Ms, but she let me!  LOL!