Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Halloween Preview

My daughter loves Halloween and for those who know my husband, you know why.  She definitely takes after him.  Yesterday, we went to Halloween Express to find her a costume.  (We figured going this early, none of them would be picked over. LOL!) She tried on everything from a clown to a butterfly to an elephant.  The three of us had so much fun. She’d put them on and then model them for all the employees.  She decided on the elephant and she looks so cute, I can hardly stand it! 

photo (57)

Is that not the cutest elephant you have ever seen?  And, it is such a soft, well made costume too. Let’s just hope we have a cold Halloween. So far, she has been a giraffe, tulip fairy, witch, puppy and now elephant.  She really likes to dress up as animals.  But, she also wants to be a butterfly when she grows up. LOL! 

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