Saturday, May 5, 2012

Night In The ER

Planters NUT-rition Energy Mix, 9.25-Ounce Cans (Pack of 3)

This is the best nut mix EVER.  I like it more than cake.  It is a sweet indulgence for me with the added benefit of not raising my blood sugar.  I can eat it with other foods and it keeps my blood sugar where it should be.  Sounds like a miracle food, right?  Wrong.  Sadly, I will never enjoy another can.

I spent last night in the ER.  I have an 8 mm kidney stone that has yet to pass.  I started eating these nuts again a few weeks ago.  The last time I ate them, I was in the ER with a 2 mm kidney stone.  I knew it could have been caused by the nuts, but I love them so much I convinced myself otherwise. 

It’s so frustrating.  As a diabetic, I cannot enjoy carbs or sweets and have to base my diet on protein and veggies.  Now, I can’t enjoy one of the few things that I should be able to eat.  In fact, to prevent further kidney stones, I’ve read that I should watch my protein intake and I HAVE to have protein to prevent a spike in blood sugar.  I can’t win. 

The ER doctor could not believe that I wasn’t doubled over in pain from a kidney stone that size.  Stones over 7 mm rarely pass on their own.  Oddly enough, I think my 2 mm stone was more painful.  But, I haven’t passed it yet so ask me later.  I’m just extremely uncomfortable right now, trying to increase my water intake and lay low for awhile.  When it’s really quiet, however, you could listen for my scream.  And, you’ll know that it’s finally passed.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday, May 3, 2012

In September 2010, I embarked on a long journey that began with getting braces. . .for the second time.  My teeth really shifted over the years, partly because of wisdom teeth and partly due to unknown reasons.  It wasn’t awful, but it really bothered me.  When I smile, my top 8 teeth show and I found myself not smiling as much or trying to alter my smile (which didn’t work in my husband’s opinion.)  I also had a bridge that needed to be updated since I’d had it for over 15+ years.  I was born without a permanent upper right lateral (as was my dad and his mother.) So, keeping my fingers crossed that Olivia will have a permanent tooth there.  Many of you know that when I met Ryan, I learned that he too did not have an upper right lateral (and we knew it was meant to be. LOL!)  Anyway, I decided to have my bridge replaced with an implant. 

On my birthday this year in February, I got my braces off after 17 months.  But, that meant I have had a fake tooth in my retainer for the past 3 months.  Let me tell ya, it’s been lovely!  Especially when I met with the house painter, talked to him for 10+ minutes, then realized I didn’t have my retainer in.  I was so incredibly embarrassed!  Anyway, that all ends tomorrow when I get my implant completed!  I will be done with ALL of my dental work and I’m so thrilled.  No more frequent orthodontist and dental appointments!  Of course, I could have used that money to buy a brand new car, but this will make me smile bigger as well!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Self Portrait

photo (57)

Olivia’s self portrait last year

photo (56)

Olivia’s self portrait today. . .lovin’ it! She now has hair, a body, fingers and feet.  It is now officially as good as my own self portrait. LOL!  Okay. . .so it’s probably a bit better. 

Monday, April 30, 2012

I had one of those moments with Olivia tonight that I will always remember.  First, she wanted to cuddle with me in the rocking chair.  Anytime Olivia actually chooses to cuddle with you (which is actually becoming more and more frequent) you stop everything and do it!  I was just starting dinner, but everything else just fell to the back burner.  Nothing else mattered.   Not only did we rock in the rocking chair, she wanted me to sing her the songs that I sang to her as a baby. . .Mockingbird, Jesus Loves Me, The Ants Go Marching, etc.  I held her and we rocked and rocked and rocked.  I told her how much I loved her and how glad I was that she made me a mommy.  She said, “I love you too!  You made me a daughter!” I just remembered all those months and years of praying for God to make me a mother.  I just remembered all of the struggles that my family and I have gone through to build our family.  And it was all worth it to make Olivia my daughter.