Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thursday, May 3, 2012

In September 2010, I embarked on a long journey that began with getting braces. . .for the second time.  My teeth really shifted over the years, partly because of wisdom teeth and partly due to unknown reasons.  It wasn’t awful, but it really bothered me.  When I smile, my top 8 teeth show and I found myself not smiling as much or trying to alter my smile (which didn’t work in my husband’s opinion.)  I also had a bridge that needed to be updated since I’d had it for over 15+ years.  I was born without a permanent upper right lateral (as was my dad and his mother.) So, keeping my fingers crossed that Olivia will have a permanent tooth there.  Many of you know that when I met Ryan, I learned that he too did not have an upper right lateral (and we knew it was meant to be. LOL!)  Anyway, I decided to have my bridge replaced with an implant. 

On my birthday this year in February, I got my braces off after 17 months.  But, that meant I have had a fake tooth in my retainer for the past 3 months.  Let me tell ya, it’s been lovely!  Especially when I met with the house painter, talked to him for 10+ minutes, then realized I didn’t have my retainer in.  I was so incredibly embarrassed!  Anyway, that all ends tomorrow when I get my implant completed!  I will be done with ALL of my dental work and I’m so thrilled.  No more frequent orthodontist and dental appointments!  Of course, I could have used that money to buy a brand new car, but this will make me smile bigger as well!


Amanda said...

Can't wait to see your new smile!!! :) should look like a million bucks ;) or $20k? Lol

Jodi said...

Unfortunately, not done yet! My dentist wasn't 100% pleased with it so he's sending it back for tweaking. So, I have a temporary crown for now. Ugghh.