Saturday, May 11, 2013

Red 40

I talked with my sister-in-law this past week about children having a sensitivity to food dyes, like Red 40.  I’ve mentioned before how some days Olivia unexpectedly goes into this hyperactive state and I “lose” her.  She is always very active, but sometimes she literally bounces off the walls.  So, I’ve been paying close attention to what she eats and how she responds.  Every time she has acted that way, I have found that she recently ate something with Red 40 in it.  Tonight she had chicken and rice with some chocolate milk.  No Red 40, so I wasn’t expecting any hyperactivity.  And then it started and it’s never good when we’ve just put Abigail to sleep.  I was a bit perplexed until I remembered the juice that she had AFTER dinner.  Red 40.  Needless to say, we will be getting rid of all food and drinks with Red 40 and I’ll be reading labels at the grocery store tomorrow.  I just hate that it has taken me 5 1/2 years to figure this out.

Keep Swimming

Kicking off Mother's Day weekend with some Saturday morning cartoons. Sheesh, remember when the only time you could watch cartoons was Saturday morning? And I always slept too late and by the time I woke up, they were over.

Then off to Olivia's swimming lessons.

She is having a tough time with them. It's so hard to watch her cover her eyes and cry on the edge of the pool. And she has always been uncomfortable laying on her back ( feels vulnerable maybe?) So trying to get her to float on her back is difficult. She doesn't relax and pulls her knees up to her chest.
Not only does she have sensory difficulties, but she also takes too much after me: doesn't want to go under water or get her hair wet, doesn't like windy days or getting her hands messy, etc. She even has the same nervous habits as me.

We started going swimming as a family after her lessons to help her feel more relaxed. We officially got a membership to the Y today. I'm excited to do a lot of things together as a family there. Olivia is still very nervous in the water even with us when we make her do anything remotely like swimming lessons. I know this is sooo good for her even though it is very difficult as well. Abigail loved the water, as I knew she would. She was as happy as can be. . .our little Abbigator.

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Friday, May 10, 2013

The Downbeats

Prayers for my dad. As many of you know, my dad played keyboard in a band called the Downbeats back in the 60s. I know the six band members have shared that bond over the years. One member had a stroke a few years ago. Another was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Another, Marty, who my dad is especially close to, is currently in the hospital and given a week or so to live. My dad has talked with Marty every day for years and has been able to visit him out at Table Rock a few times. I always hear," I forwarded that email to Marty or Marty sent me this today or Marty was so impressed by Olivia's piano playing, etc."

Please pray for Marty and his family. Also keep my dad in your prayers as he travels to see him this weekend to somehow say good-bye. Pray for them as the Downbeats are reunited this weekend for maybe the last time. My heart is so heavy. We could also use a big miracle!

Marty is the one on guitar standing up by my dad on keyboard.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


So I had written about something entirely different today, but had to switch subjects. Abigail said Mama!! She was in her swing getting a bit restless, started jabbering and then said, "Mama!!" Olivia and I both looked at each other and then Olivia said, "Abigail said mama!!" LOL! It's only fair because Olivia said dada first. I was totally not expecting this yet!! She is also sitting up unassisted for a few seconds at a time! Crazy! I'm in no hurry for her to grow up. :-)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Eye Doctor

My daughter. . .she is one of the funniest people I know!

She had an eye appointment today. I heard a baby in the other room screaming and I thought," Bless your heart. Been there, done that."

As the lady was taking her back, Olivia asked," Where's my normal guy?" And she asked,"Am I gonna get drops today?" She hates to have her eyes dilated. She kept asking every person who came in that same question over and over even though we told her no.

As she was reading the picture chart, she came across this one:

Most kids say horse. Olivia said "Cowboy rider." This cracked the nurse up.

Then she had to stare at this red dot across the room while the nurse looked in her eyes. The nurse kept reminding her to look at the red dot and Olivia finally said,"But your head is in the way!" And she was literally standing right in front of her. Then Olivia started talking in her British accent and I cracked up from then on. Especially hilarious for a girl who has barely left the state of Kansas.

Anyway, please make a mental note of June 13th. That is the date of Olivia's second eye surgery (her first was at a year old.) Lots of prayers needed for that day. The surgery will be tightening her eye muscles due to strabismus. By a certain age, people can start to develop double vision/migraines and we are hoping to prevent that. It will be nice to get that out of the way before kindergarten!
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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Party Time

We had a party for Olivia today. Probably the first party of its kind. . . . ever. LOL.

It was a 32 lb party celebrating her weight gain. Weight gain is something we have struggled with since birth. She has been 31.5 lbs for over 8 months and her doctor is starting to get concerned. A few months ago, I ran out of ideas. So, I told her when she got to 32 lbs, we'd throw her a party. I just wanted to encourage her to take that extra bite and make healthy choices for her body. Keeping my word, we had her party today.

No gifts. . .just cake and balloons
and she had a blast!

And I got to use up some old birthday plates and napkins. It was really just an excuse to get together, have fun and encourage Olivia.

Abigail appreciated cuddles in the quietness of her bedroom.

Daddy drew some funny faces

And Olivia did too.

What a great time we had. But, seriously, I'm exhausted. :)

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