Friday, May 10, 2013

The Downbeats

Prayers for my dad. As many of you know, my dad played keyboard in a band called the Downbeats back in the 60s. I know the six band members have shared that bond over the years. One member had a stroke a few years ago. Another was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer's. Another, Marty, who my dad is especially close to, is currently in the hospital and given a week or so to live. My dad has talked with Marty every day for years and has been able to visit him out at Table Rock a few times. I always hear," I forwarded that email to Marty or Marty sent me this today or Marty was so impressed by Olivia's piano playing, etc."

Please pray for Marty and his family. Also keep my dad in your prayers as he travels to see him this weekend to somehow say good-bye. Pray for them as the Downbeats are reunited this weekend for maybe the last time. My heart is so heavy. We could also use a big miracle!

Marty is the one on guitar standing up by my dad on keyboard.

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