Saturday, May 11, 2013

Keep Swimming

Kicking off Mother's Day weekend with some Saturday morning cartoons. Sheesh, remember when the only time you could watch cartoons was Saturday morning? And I always slept too late and by the time I woke up, they were over.

Then off to Olivia's swimming lessons.

She is having a tough time with them. It's so hard to watch her cover her eyes and cry on the edge of the pool. And she has always been uncomfortable laying on her back ( feels vulnerable maybe?) So trying to get her to float on her back is difficult. She doesn't relax and pulls her knees up to her chest.
Not only does she have sensory difficulties, but she also takes too much after me: doesn't want to go under water or get her hair wet, doesn't like windy days or getting her hands messy, etc. She even has the same nervous habits as me.

We started going swimming as a family after her lessons to help her feel more relaxed. We officially got a membership to the Y today. I'm excited to do a lot of things together as a family there. Olivia is still very nervous in the water even with us when we make her do anything remotely like swimming lessons. I know this is sooo good for her even though it is very difficult as well. Abigail loved the water, as I knew she would. She was as happy as can be. . .our little Abbigator.

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Amanda said...

So glad the suits fit!! To bad I didn't buy YOU a matching one ;)

Anonymous said...

Don't stop the swimming lessons. I'm delighted to see you use the opportunity to all go swimming as a family. And better still that Abigail gets to start as a baby. Just don't make the mistake of fussing if either of them get water in their eyes or pleased in the face. That'll make them more anxious. Remember that swimming can save lives. It's not just for fun. And it makes holidays sooooo much more fun when everyone can swim and loves the water.