Saturday, December 31, 2011

Kaleb’s 4th Birthday Party

My nephew, Kaleb, turned 4 yesterday and since they are in town from Arkansas for Christmas, we were able to celebrate with him.  He had a Mario party! 


Kaleb the birthday boy!


Kaleb and Olivia. . .where one goes, the other one goes.



His Mario shoes that his mom painted for him.



Tonight, Olivia is getting a new big girl (twin) bed.  She has been in her toddler bed for some time now and we thought it was time for the next step up.  It’s not that she is really outgrowing her toddler bed, but her desire to sleep with any and everything is.  Olivia is very attached to her toddler bed, so we’ll see how it goes.  In the next few weeks, we’ll be getting her a new dresser, wall mural and nightstand.  We’re going with a cute owl theme.  I’ll post pictures when it’s all completed!  And I wish you all a very blessed 2012!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas # 3

We celebrated Christmas with Ryan’s side of the family today.  Olivia thoroughly enjoyed spending time with her cousins.  Her and Kaleb have become really close friends and it has been a joy to watch.


Kaleb and Olivia: Best buds

IMGP9557 (2)


Great Grandma Glunt and her boys.


Olivia and her cousins



Basement filled with presents and people




Canvas painting Ryan’s sister did for her mom.


Canvas painting for Grandpa Glunt.


Everyone loves a picture of Olivia


Family tree picture I made for Ryan’s parents. 


The K-State garden gnome picked out by yours truly.  He loves gardening and he loves K-State, so why not a K-State garden gnome?


Ryan and his siblings


Long day for the little ones.


Olivia admiring my kitty cat pajamas.  She has kitty pajamas too, so she commented about how daddy needed some as well.  Hmmm. . .wonder if he’d go for that?


Here’s Olivia playing in the box of discarded wrapping paper.  She had a blast in there.  We should have just wrapped that up.


And my cozy, flannel cat sheets. . .washed up and ready to snuggle up in tonight.  Good night!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Ryan and I got up a little earlier than usual this morning and got ready and waited and waited for Olivia to get up.  Boy, I remember waking my parents up very early in the morning to open presents.  Thankfully, she hasn’t done that to us. . .yet.  Olivia just took her own time.  She was excited to learn, however, that Santa had visited our house overnight. 


Here she is running down the hallway to see the presents!


Olivia and her stocking


A My Little Pony!


A Squinkie Zoo!!  Just what I wanted!!!


And she stopped to play Squinkies. . .


and played and played. . .


and played.  That girl loves her Squinkies! 

photo (43)

Those are a lot of Littlest Pet Shop animals.  I appreciated the nice, metal case to keep them in though.

We laughed about this being the “tiny” Christmas as most of the things she got were tiny (and hard to keep track of.)  Have you seen the Teeny Tiny Littlest Pet Shop?  She got some of those too and already lost her beloved teeny butterfly.  Hmm. . .maybe big things aren’t that bad after all.  That’s what she likes, though. . .tiny, little animals. 


Okay, back to opening presents.  This morning, we got a call from my dad to tell us that my grandma had fallen and was taken to the hospital.  Last Christmas, we received a call that my grandpa was being taken to the hospital.  I really don’t like to receive these phone calls.  She was taken, however, as a precaution and checked out fine.  She was even able to make it to Christmas dinner and I was so grateful.

My husband completely spoiled me this Christmas (and went way over our agreed upon limit!) He got me not only dishes and clothes and books and CDs and pajamas, but an iPad 2 as well.  I completely didn’t deserve all of that.  I’m really enjoying it all and I know Olivia will love the iPad as well.  She loves my iPhone.  But, I owe my husband. . .big time. 


Here is Olivia opening her stocking from her Great Great Aunt Mary. 


And here is Great Great Aunt Mary.


And here is Princess Olivia wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!!