Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Story

Last night, Olivia wanted to “hold mommy” in the recliner.  So, we snuggled up together with our blankets and rocked.  She wanted to hear a story and since I didn’t want to get up to retrieve a book, I told her a story. . . .a story about the day she was born.  Olivia had never heard this story before.  It’s a tough story to tell since it was the best and one of the worst days of my life.  But, I began to tell it. . .

“Daddy had jury duty that day and mommy was at home on bed rest with two babies in her tummy.”

That part really piqued her interest. 

“Two babies in mommy’s tummy?” 

I explained that it was her and Logan.  She’s heard all about Logan and she asks about him quite a bit.  It’s hard to answer some of her questions, like why he can’t come over and play.  His shadow box contains a bear and a giraffe just like the ones he was buried with.  Olivia wanted to get them out and play with them one day and I had to explain that they were Logan’s.  Now, she always tells me Logan is playing in heaven with his bear and giraffe. 

I told her about how daddy and I went to the hospital to make sure the babies were okay. . .

“Like James went to the hospital when he lost his wheel?” she asked.  Yes, her train lost a wheel and she was so heartbroken that we had to send him to the train hospital. 

Olivia got very concerned when I told her mommy and daddy were really scared when we learned something was wrong.  It was interesting to tell the story in a way that a 3 year old might understand.  I wasn’t sure if I was telling it exactly the way I should or that she even understand a portion of it.  But, I have told that same story over 20 times today.  The first thing Olivia asked for this morning was the story about the two babies in mommy’s tummy.  And, I’ve told it again and again.  Each time I tell it, it’s as if she becomes more and more miraculous and more and more dear to me.  I’m sure I’ll be telling it for years to come.  It’s not the happiest of stories, but it’s our story and that makes it special.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Olivia’s First Movie


Olivia went to her first movie in the movie theatre today.  We were joined by Shelley and Izzy and went to see Hop.  I realized before the movie that Olivia was not quite ready for the experience, but I really wanted to take her.  The only way we made it through the whole movie was because we were the only ones in the cry room (those are pretty cool, by the way . . .kinda like your own private VIP room.)  Olivia doesn’t sit down for movies at home, so I knew she wouldn’t sit down at a movie theatre.  She likes to watch certain shows, but she has to be doing something else simultaneously.  You will very rarely catch her sitting still for much of anything.  The cry room worked out perfectly because she could stand up and walk around if she wanted.  The whole thing was worth it for the adorable picture that I got of Olivia and Izzy at Olivia’s first movie!  We had a great time, but it will probably be a little while before we try the experience again. 

We did also manage to somehow leave Olivia’s glasses at the movie theatre.  Luckily, I called about it and they called me back saying that they had found them.  I promptly picked them up and we now have her glasses back in our possession.  Whew. . that was a close one. 

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!


Olivia awoke to many Easter surprises!



More Squinkies!!  She loves squinkies!


And trains!


Percy is her absolute favorite train!


All dolled up!



Happy Easter everyone!!!