Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Funny Things Olivia Says

'A Startling Discovery'

Olivia: So, you are 35.  How old is daddy?

Me: He's 33.

Olivia: Oh. . .wait!  35 is more than 33.  YOU are older than DADDY?

Me: 'Fraid so.

'A Tell About'

The other night at about midnight when Olivia couldn't sleep, she asked me to tell her about when she was 3 years old.

Me: It's too late to tell stories right now.  Mommy is really tired.

Olivia: This isn't a story, it's just a 'tell about.'

'Please Don't Spit'

The other day while getting their pictures taken, Olivia and Abigail were laying on the floor.  The photographer was making all kinds of funny noises to get Abigail to laugh and Olivia kindly asked," Could you please stop spitting on me?" I was so embarrassed, but she asked her very nicely. 


Yes, Olivia has a new pet dust bunny named Dusty.  And she refuses to throw it away. Only Olivia.

And last but not least. . .wow, do I even mention it on here? Hmmm. . .

The other morning Olivia was frustrated with her hair and threatened to cut it all off.  When faced with the possibility that people might think she's a boy, she just shrugged and said," Nah, I still have a high voice and a bagina."

Needless to say, it's impossible not to laugh every single day with this girl around!

Thursday, May 30, 2013


Yesterday I had the girls' pictures taken at JC Penneys.  I was really impressed and thought they turned out really cute and the girls were super good! I think we are going to go back and get family pictures taken next month.

Just copy and paste the following into your address bar to view the pictures.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Love You Forever

Olivia’s favorite book right now is Love You Forever.  We read it multiple times daily and every night before bed.  I’m sure many of you know it.

photo (88)

We’ve owned this book since she was a baby and have read it in the past.  Honestly, we kind of made fun of it because it creeped us out when the mom snuck into her grown son’s room to rock him.  LOL!  But, Olivia has really connected with it and it provides exactly the reassurance that she needs right now.

She has had so many questions lately about growing up and people getting old.  Olivia was afraid that if she grew up I would no longer be her mommy.  She never wants to leave her pink room or move away or grow up. I’ve tried really hard to provide her the reassurance that she needs right now. I tell her, “Yes, you can live with us in your pink room with your toys for as long as you want” knowing that someday she won’t want to anymore. And most importantly I will:

Love her forever, like her for always and as long as I’m living my baby she’ll be.

That’s exactly what she wants and needs to hear right now. 

Olivia's Preschool Program

Here is Olivia's Spring Program. They provided each student with a copy of it.  You won't be able to miss Olivia.  Not only is she front and center, but she yells out 'Mama!" after every song and waves.  LOL! Enjoy!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Favorite Ages

You know those days when it seems your child grew up overnight? Abigail has just seemed so grown up to me lately. Her new favorite thing to do is ride around in her pink car. She squeals with delight!

I'm LOVING her age right now. Very interactive and fun, but not yet getting into everything. LOL! And she is just so sweet!

And I'm loving Olivia's age right now too. We have so much fun together. She has always been such high energy that I always felt I had to constantly get on her. I had to always have a hold of her hand or she would just take off running. She doesn't really do that anymore. In fact, she goes grocery shopping with me every Sunday. She gets her own kid shopping cart and puts her stuff in her cart. She doesn't run with it or bump into things anymore. No tantrums about wanting toys. She even puts her stuff on the conveyor belt to check out. So grown up. We have such a lovely time. So, 6 months and 5 1/2 years old. . .how did I manage having both kids be at my favorite ages? LOL!

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