Saturday, October 5, 2013

. . .And There You Will Find Peace

I wrote this poem in December 1998.  I came upon it tonight and didn’t even know that I still had it. I was in college at the time and desperately searching for the meaning of life and my place in this world.  So, here it is. . .this is what was on my mind 15 years ago.

Awakening to this world

and its bright, hopeful and endless opportunities.

The innocent look upon your face

as you live in the absence of prejudice and fear.

Like a flower that needs to be watered

and sheltered from all harm.

A cry is all that can be expressed

for feelings of hunger, urgency or sorrow.

A mother holds you in her arms

. . .and there you will find peace.


Discovering this world

as a new place that needs to be explored.

The inquisitive look upon your face

as you wait for the answers to be found.

Like a house that needs to be built

with a foundation strong and sturdy.

The need to know burns even brighter

in hopes to grow in knowledge

as words of encouragement surround you

. . .and there you will find peace.


Without a place in this world

as you are no longer a child and not yet an adult.

The bewildered look upon your face

with feelings that leave you so confused.

Like a roller coaster in constant motion,

your emotions are so extreme.

Numerous calls made to your peers

and the weekend plans confirmed.

Time spent with treasured friends

. . .and there you will find peace.


Uncertain of your role in this world

and what it is you shall become.

The hesitant look upon your face

as you realize the possibilities are endless.

Like a fork in the path so familiarly traveled

with no sign to point your way.

A decision must be made

in hopes that it is the correct one.

With reassurance that you are accurate

. . .and there you will find peace.


The joining of two in this world,

two hearts, two minds, two souls.

The confident look upon your face

as you embrace the moment you’ve always waited for.

Like a candle burning brightly

of a flame forever lit.

A vow is pledged to one another

for a lifetime full of love.

Together in each other’s arms

. . .and there you will find peace.


An addition to this world

and a miracle for two in love.

The anticipated look upon your face

as you hold your child in your arms.

Like a blessing that was sent

from heaven down to earth for you.

A name is carefully chosen

and a promise sweetly given.

Looking into your child’s eyes

. . .and there you will find peace.


Subsequent miracles in this world

as your family continues to grow.

The proud look upon your face

as you welcome each new member.

Like an unending circle of love

that grows stronger each passing day.

A tradition embraced in your home

and many memories created.

Time spent with your family

. . .and there you will find peace.


The hardships of this world

that man alone cannot conquer.

The weary look upon your face

as you struggle to see each day.

Like a beautiful hourglass whose time

is quickly running out.

A prayer is faithfully given

with many more that follow.

Surrounded with love and support

. . .and there you will find peace.


Soon you leave this world

and continue on an endless journey.

The restful look upon your face

As all fear and heartache are extinguished.

Like a dream that you had dreamed

only a thousand times more wonderful.

A lifetime that was devoted

to some day return you home

to God who gave you ways to find peace

. . .and there true peace is found.


by: Jodi Sailing  12/98

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sisterly Love

I think they might actually like each other. ;-)

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

My Girls

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lunchtime Fun

I've decided that I have the world's best and worst eaters. I've never seen a child eat quite as good as Abigail. She is basically eating any and everything now. We took her on her first trip to Olive Garden this weekend.

She ate salad (Olivia still won't touch salad.) She ate breadsticks, chicken parmigiana and spaghetti.

She is the perfect baby to take to restaurants because she doesn't have time to act up. She wants to eat!! And she smiles at everyone with her "I'm so cute face!"

And finally. . .after she ate more than I did, she was a little full.

And she slid her plate off the table and it broke into a thousand pieces. That was fun.

Meanwhile, at every meal, Olivia asks thought provoking questions (instead of eating.)

Olivia: Why is the moon sometimes different shapes? Sometimes it is a crescent, sometimes it is a circle.

Ryan goes on about the shadow of the earth and the reasons behind it.

And I add that when it is a circle, it is called a full moon.

Olivia: And THAT'S when we turn into a werewolf.

We laughed so hard! That girl cracks me up.

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