Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lunchtime Fun

I've decided that I have the world's best and worst eaters. I've never seen a child eat quite as good as Abigail. She is basically eating any and everything now. We took her on her first trip to Olive Garden this weekend.

She ate salad (Olivia still won't touch salad.) She ate breadsticks, chicken parmigiana and spaghetti.

She is the perfect baby to take to restaurants because she doesn't have time to act up. She wants to eat!! And she smiles at everyone with her "I'm so cute face!"

And finally. . .after she ate more than I did, she was a little full.

And she slid her plate off the table and it broke into a thousand pieces. That was fun.

Meanwhile, at every meal, Olivia asks thought provoking questions (instead of eating.)

Olivia: Why is the moon sometimes different shapes? Sometimes it is a crescent, sometimes it is a circle.

Ryan goes on about the shadow of the earth and the reasons behind it.

And I add that when it is a circle, it is called a full moon.

Olivia: And THAT'S when we turn into a werewolf.

We laughed so hard! That girl cracks me up.

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Brandi W. said...

Your eaters sound like mine! Evan will eat everything and is willing to try new foods. Carson is SO picky. I make a lot of smoothies for him! We just came back from vacation and he barely ate the four days we were gone. Well, he ate fruit snacks. :) Glad Ms. Abigail enjoyed her first trip to Olive Garden! What a cute girl!