Friday, July 8, 2011


Olivia started her Kindermusik class today and loved it! She got to take home a bag full of things including these bell rattles. You would think they were the best things she ever received.  I don't think she put them down all day.  She danced around like this for over an hour tonight.  I had to convince her not to take a bath with them and she is currently sleeping with them. She is one crazy girl. . .crazy about her bells. . .and Kindermusik.  

Thursday, July 7, 2011


My poor kitty, Tobey. . .we spent an hour and a half in the vet’s office today (Olivia did surprisingly very well.)  Tobey has a condition called diskospondylitis.  Here is another link.   Our vet has never seen it before in a cat and only a few times in dogs.  It’s basically a bone infection and pain caused by a compressed spinal cord.  Tobey has to continue on antibiotics as well as pain meds. . .in addition to shots that I will have to learn to give him at home.  We are most likely looking at lifelong pain management, which could mean shots or possible surgery (that would cost thousands of dollars.)  In addition, he has lost use of his tail and will most likely not regain use of it.  Because having a tail that just dangles there can be hazardous (he could get it caught on something, etc) he may have to have his tail amputated.  So. . .I got loaded up with a lot of information (and meds) today.  I feel so bad for our poor sweet Tobey.  Our once very active, very ornery cat now just lays around.  You usually find him like this:


So, lots of prayers that we can get rid of the infection and help control his pain and that he regains use of his tail.  Poor Tobey is only a year old and is one of Olivia’s very best friends.  In fact, most people who meet him fall in love with him. . .he’s such a good kitty. 

**Update** Just since I posted this, Tobey began lifting his tail (after one month of no use)  This is great news!  His first injection may be REALLY helping!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Olivia got a tricycle for her birthday last year, but she has been too small to ride it.  I always told her some day, when she’s bigger, she would be able to ride it.  The other day, she got on it and started “walking” it.  She exclaimed, “Mama!!  I’m bigger now!!”  She still can’t quite reach the pedals, but that doesn’t slow her down. 

photo (17)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I hope you all had a wonderful 4th.  We celebrated at home with family and had a blast.  Olivia was very into the fireworks this year, but was quick to let me know when it was past her bedtime. LOL.





Today was another scorcher, so I put Olivia in her swimsuit and we headed outside.  We went to the splash pad at New Market Square and although Olivia was slow to warm up to it, she ended up enjoying it thoroughly. 

photo (17)

photo (18)

photo (19)

photo (20)

photo (21)

And, of course, everything is better with friends!