Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa Glunt

Grandpa as a baby (Did you know he used to be a baby?)

Grandpa and his mommy

Grandpa and HIS grandpa

This is a picture of his one room schoolhouse.

Here he is holding me as a baby (I'm a big girl, now.)
Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Saturday, September 20, 2008 - Update

Ryan, Olivia and I went shopping today. Yesterday, I found that I had quite a bit of money remaining on various gift cards. . .some from quite awhile ago. Since they start deducting after so long, I thought I should go spend them. I bought Olivia the most adorable winter coat. And, I had to pick up the second book in my Twilight saga. Not too much going on here. I've had an awful headache and sore throat today. . .pretty sure it's allergies and this lovely time of year. I don't have any pictures to share today. . .I have been too engrossed in my book. You all are going to start resenting those books. . .they've been taking away a lot of my blogging time.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008 - Update

I was in to see the doctor yesterday and it seems we might have narrowed in on the reason for my fatigue. I won't go into it until we get more definitive testing. . .which could be in about a month. Please pray that a cause is found and that I can begin feeling better. I can't really describe how bad it is. . .I wake up every morning more tired than I was the night before. I sleep and sleep and I still wake up completely unrefreshed. This condition, if indeed it is the cause, is treatable. So, it would be like me. . .but, with energy. Imagine the possibilities!

I have started reading a really good book that Casey got me started on. It's called Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. It's basically a love story between a young girl and a young man who is a. . .gulp. . .vampire. It is surprisingly a really good book and Olivia gets to hear a chapter of it every morning. It has been a long time since I have found a new author that I enjoy, so I'm quite excited. Plus, there are three other books in the series.

Olivia has started reaching out and grabbing onto my arm lately, which is something that she hasn't done. It's quite endearing. She also has to have a drink of whatever I'm drinking. I give her sips of water and she thinks it is the best thing in the world. Her tooth is still bothering her a bit, but she seems to be doing a lot better. Last night she also started scooting herself in her crib like she was trying to crawl. Of course, Ryan had to work until almost 10 pm and was disappointed that he missed it. Olivia just continues to amaze me each and every day.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008 - Update

Ooooh, this is soft.
Thanks for my blanket, mommy!

Just hangin out with my penguin buddy.

It's becoming increasingly difficult to answer questions from people who don't know us very well. "How many children do you have?" "How old is your daughter?" I've also learned that I can't talk about "when I had a baby." I didn't have a baby, I had two babies and leaving out that bit of information feels like I'm leaving out Logan. But, to mention him. . .I would have to delve into issues that I'd rather not discuss sometimes. I've found that I can't even partake in idle chitchat anymore.

Last night, while we were checking out at Dillon's, the cashier just wouldn't quit asking me questions. I knew the question was coming. . .how old is your daughter? After saying that she was a year old, he came out and said that she was tiny for a one year old. At least, he said it out loud instead of giving me those long, awkward stares. However, when I try to explain how premature she was, people don't have any idea what that means. So, then I just get blank, dumbfounded stares. I can't say that I would have fully understood a few years ago, so I can't fault people for that. It just makes for some awkward moments and makes me feel that much more out of place in this world. Sometimes I just don't know what to say.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What if. . .

What if. . . .Ryan and I had grown up in our parents' generation. . .

(Yes, that's really me.)

(Did they have goatees back then?)

And if Olivia had grown up in ours:

I first saw this on Lincoln's blog and had too much fun with it! Try it yourself at:

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 - Update

Bachelor #1: Titus
Future in chiropractic care, mesmerizing blue eyes, good family, cute as can be.
Bachelor #2: Kerrick
Proud March for Babies supporter, true gentleman, good family, cute as can be.

Weighing her options

Yesterday, I had the chance to have dinner with friends. The four of us have met for dinner about every month since 2000. I also managed to squeeze in an appointment with the chiropractor. I enjoyed seeing Titus and Kerrick. . .they are both getting so big. I can't wait until Olivia can have playdates with them.

I have been craving iced tea lately, so Olivia and I made a trip to McAlisters. I'm not a huge fan of their food, but their iced tea (unsweetened, thank you) is absolutely delicious. So, I bought a whole gallon of it. Thanks, Olivia, for being so patient while we ran our errands today.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Rebekah!

Rebekah is sort of the caboose on the family birthday train and her birthday is tomorrow. We have 5 birthdays. . .spaced exactly one week apart: Izzy, Olivia, Aidan, Kris and Rebekah. Rebekah is the cousin that Olivia probably looks the most like. I remember holding Rebekah on a blanket in her front yard shortly after she was born. Unlike her sister, Julia, she was a little more hesitant about me. We bonded when she was between 1-2 years old because of my cell phone. I went over to Ryan's parents' house once a week for dinner and Rebekah was over there. My cell phone would play music and she would dance to it. Everytime I came over, she would look for my cell phone and sit on my lap while I let her play with it. We've been close ever since. . except now instead of playing with my cell phone, she would rather play with my Barbies and my My Little Ponies (and feed the guinea pigs.) She started kindergarten this year and is one of the sweetest girls I know! She started the prayer beads for Olivia and Logan shortly after they were born. She's always doing extremely thoughtful deeds and we love her dearly. Happy Birthday, Rebekah!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008 - Update

My first jean jacket (Thanks Kate!)

Olivia has certainly developed her own opinions lately. For instance, her most recent wild and crazy idea is that she no longer needs to drink her bottle or eat any baby food for that matter. I believe it's due to tooth #2, but it is becoming increasingly frustrating. She's also become a hair puller, diaper dodger, lap squirmer and during bath time. . .a mommy soaker. Honestly, I'm thrilled to see her progressing in these ways. . .except for the bottles. I still worry about her caloric intake as she's barely gained a pound in a month and a half. Let's hope this tooth wiggles its way in and doesn't cause anymore problems (if indeed that's what it is.)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008 - Update

Here I am ready to go!
Me and my gorilla friends

Mr. Gorilla

Our trip is never complete without checking on Olivia the giraffe!

Today, we had a mommy-daughter day at the zoo. The weather was gorgeous and there weren't many people there. Our main focus was the gorillas as Olivia has never seen them before. The path in the gorilla forest is pretty bumpy and Olivia found the stroller ride extremely hilarious. The gorillas were incredibly active today. One of them threw a barrel into the glass at a little boy across from us. I'm kinda glad he didn't do that to Olivia because she might never have wanted to go back and see them. The highlight of the trip, however, was because of another little boy. Of course, Olivia always wears her sunglasses outside and I guess most people think sunglasses on a baby are a hoot. We got many smiles and laughs. Then, this little boy walked up to me and said, "Awesome baby!" I'm sure he was referring to her sunglasses. I thanked him and then almost started crying. You know, I thought, she is pretty awesome!

I'm also happy to report that my dad starts his new job on Wednesday. He'll be doing what he loves the most. . .painting cars. I have to say. . .Olivia and I will miss seeing grandpa on a regular basis, but we were thrilled with the news. Good luck, grandpa!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday, September 14, 2008 - Update

Name that caption?

(1) Who knew I had all these toys

(2) Mom, I have a great idea!

Name that caption

(1) Now that I can see to play with all this stuff, I am exhausted! - Cristi

(2) Let's play hide-n-seek. You hide first! - Kerry

As much as I hate to say it, it seems that Olivia's eyes have started crossing a bit lately. I know that a little crossing is expected, but we were so optimistic about never having to deal with it again. I think she has a 30% chance of another surgery at some point, but then again, I don't pay too much attention to percentages. Please continue to pray for her eyes.

I don't know why I'm dreading the upcoming RSV season so much. I mean, we made it through last year, surely we can do it again. The more I think about it, last year we spent 105 days at the hospital, so just the fact that we could be with Olivia at home was more than we could ask for. I was thrilled not to have to go anywhere. Plus, Ryan's previous job allowed him to work from home when needed. This year, Olivia wants to do more things so it will be harder to keep her isolated. I just keep telling myself that this should be the last crucial season that we have to worry about. And, it's only mid-September, so we still have a little bit of time before we turn back into a family of hibernating bears.