Saturday, September 20, 2008

Saturday, September 20, 2008 - Update

Ryan, Olivia and I went shopping today. Yesterday, I found that I had quite a bit of money remaining on various gift cards. . .some from quite awhile ago. Since they start deducting after so long, I thought I should go spend them. I bought Olivia the most adorable winter coat. And, I had to pick up the second book in my Twilight saga. Not too much going on here. I've had an awful headache and sore throat today. . .pretty sure it's allergies and this lovely time of year. I don't have any pictures to share today. . .I have been too engrossed in my book. You all are going to start resenting those books. . .they've been taking away a lot of my blogging time.


Kerry said...

I bought the first one today! I'm finishing up another book and then I will start it. Maybe I'll be done with it by the time I come over and we can chat about it!

Julia said...

Read away, Jodi. You deserve some pleasure and escape from responsibility after all you had been through! We can wait for cute pictures and witty words.