Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008 - Update

Here I am ready to go!
Me and my gorilla friends

Mr. Gorilla

Our trip is never complete without checking on Olivia the giraffe!

Today, we had a mommy-daughter day at the zoo. The weather was gorgeous and there weren't many people there. Our main focus was the gorillas as Olivia has never seen them before. The path in the gorilla forest is pretty bumpy and Olivia found the stroller ride extremely hilarious. The gorillas were incredibly active today. One of them threw a barrel into the glass at a little boy across from us. I'm kinda glad he didn't do that to Olivia because she might never have wanted to go back and see them. The highlight of the trip, however, was because of another little boy. Of course, Olivia always wears her sunglasses outside and I guess most people think sunglasses on a baby are a hoot. We got many smiles and laughs. Then, this little boy walked up to me and said, "Awesome baby!" I'm sure he was referring to her sunglasses. I thanked him and then almost started crying. You know, I thought, she is pretty awesome!

I'm also happy to report that my dad starts his new job on Wednesday. He'll be doing what he loves the most. . .painting cars. I have to say. . .Olivia and I will miss seeing grandpa on a regular basis, but we were thrilled with the news. Good luck, grandpa!


Julia said...

Congratulations, Grandpa! Thrilled to hear about the new job. Looks like you are getting out a little before you need to hibernate. I loved the bear family photo, by the way. The girls were home today so we could have gone with you, but it sounds like you and Olivia had a nice daughter-mama day.

Jodi said...

That explains why the little boy at the zoo looked 6-7 years old and wasn't in school.

Heather @ A Boy, A Girl, A Pug said...

Those silly gorillas. They did that to us one day too. It took Kyler a year to go back into the gorilla house!!

Congrats on your dad's new job. Wouldn't it be awesome though if our parents could just retire and hang with their grandkids all day!

Although I would probably have to work then, so maybe that's not such a great idea!

Kerry said...

She IS pretty awesome! That's cute that the little boy told you that. What a nice kid.

Congratulations Don on your new job. If I ever need a paint job I will be sure to find out which shop you're at!

So glad you were able to enjoy the nice weather today. I did for the few minutes they let me out of this place (work).

Cristi said...

She is awesome, you are right to be emotional. This Sunday we had Avery at church. She hasnt come much but this week she was there and the children got to see her which is rare. One little boy who is expecting a new baby at his house, pointed to her and said "I want a baby just like this one." So sweet. I sort of thought well no not exactly like this, but had a second thought. Of course like this, she IS perfectly and wonderfully made even if she only weighed 2 pounds at birth. What a blessing they are.

Kim said...

Congrats Don on your new job! I hope you have a great first day...first week...first get the idea! No one deserves it more than you.

It was such a beautiful day to go to the zoo. I'm glad that you and Olivia got the opportunity to get out and see the real bears. I bet that your girls only afternoon was lots of fun. I love and treasure all of the time that I get one on one with each of our kids. It doesn't happen often, but the memories last a lifetime.