Friday, August 9, 2013

The Not So Many Styles of Olivia

Olivia has a closet full of clothes that she won't wear. Every day she wears Capri leggings and a short sleeved shirt. I started a sticker chart as an incentive for her to branch out and wear something new. Yeah. . .not as easy as it sounds.

According to Olivia:

Pants cannot be loose at all. Leggings or jeggings only. No jeans or shorts or skirts or sweats.

Prefers capris, but if they are long leggings they must be worn with socks. They can't touch her bare ankles. And not just any socks! No bumps on the toes. Must be seamless socks which are hard to find!

Shirts must be smooth, nothing like silly zebras in tutus or cats in sequined glasses.

Sleeves cannot be long or sleeveless. Winter is always fun.
Shirts cannot be too long as they must not touch her ankles when she sits on her knees.

No dresses, obviously.

So when you see my daughter in the same things over and over again, don't judge. It is harder than you think to dress this girl!! Thank goodness for Old Navy's pajamas. They are all she wears to bed!

And, you know, you can make it a game. Next time you go shopping, look at each outfit and ask yourself, "Is this Olivia approved?" Chances are, if it doesn't look like this, it is not.

I guess I should mention, no one criticized her clothes or anything like that. Don't worry. :-) I just get frustrated about all the unworn clothes. Good thing there is Abigail, right? And at least after 6 years I have figured her out.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Abigail's Turn

This girl warms my heart so much. It's interesting the things that I can do with her that I could never have done with Olivia. Abigail will be presenting me with a whole new set of challenges, however. For instance, she can already unscrew the jar of Cetaphil lotion ( I unfortunately discovered today.) Her superb fine motor skills, concentration and determination are gonna get her into trouble, I can tell. LOL! I had to warn Olivia not to leave a half eaten Milky Way within reach. Yep, found her with a chocolate face earlier. I'm gonna have to put safety latches on all the cabinets. Never did that with Olivia.

We got some new guppies this week for our fish tank and Abigail loves sitting and watching the fish. So relaxing.

She also discovered Olivia's baby Butterscotch and is in love!

And, say it with me. . . Awwwww. Gotta love bedtime stories with daddy.

Logan definitely had a hand in choosing just the right addition to our family. She is such a blessing.

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Smarty Pants

Maybe all kids are funny, but Olivia cracks me up every single day!! She has to be one of the funniest kids I know.

The other morning, the first thing out of her mouth was:

Mom, I have a bone tail which is kinda silly because I don't have a tail!

Yep, but it's called a tailbone. :-)

She was so angry that her birthday napkins came with Grumpy Bear colored purple. She said," Everyone knows that Grumpy Bear is blue!" I had to show her the picture online to prove he was blue when I ordered him. LOL!

Today, out of the blue, she said, "I just feel so bad for Pluto." ( I was thinking Mickey's dog, but then she continued.) They told him he could no longer be a planet because he was too small and I just don't think that's very nice! The questions that followed made my head spin.

How big is Pluto?

How big is earth?

How far away is Pluto?

Are there other dwarf planets?

Man, I should have paid a lot more attention in science class. Thank goodness for Google!! So blessed with this super smart girl!

Yep, she's my smarty pants!

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