Saturday, August 13, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yeah, so I’ve been neglecting my blog lately.  Things have been going well.  I’ve been trying to get Olivia to play board games.  We’ve tried Memory for a long time, but she can’t resist the urge to mess up all the cards when they’re in their nice straight rows.  So, we got out Let’s Go Fishing.  She loved the game, but loved the little fishies more (and of course had to sleep with them for several nights.)  Then, we tried Candyland.  She had to be the red gingerbread man, but only wanted to land on the red squares because they had to “match.”  So, we tried Hi Ho Cherry-O and she made up all kinds of games to play with her cherries. . .everything except the actual game.  And, she carries her cherries around in their little buckets all day.  She always keeps a smile on my face, that’s for sure. 

I’m gearing up for her 4th birthday party.  We are having a Lily party (frog theme.) Now, I’m kinda kicking myself because she has turned into a Caillou nut!  I mean, I think it is her favorite show ever!!  Most shows don’t always hold her attention, but she could watch Caillou all day if I let her.  Regardless of the theme, she’ll enjoy it.  It has really been fun because this is the first year that she truly understands birthdays and knows hers is coming up soon!  She’s going to be so excited!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Children’s Garden

We’ve really enjoyed having my nieces over these last two days.  Today, we all went to see the new Children’s Garden at Botanica.  Wow, is all that I can say.  Many places try to construct a true child wonderland, but few succeed.  Botanica has succeeded.  It was amazing!

photo (22)

Julia, Olivia and Rebekah in the party barn.  I was determined to get their picture in front of the cows, but Olivia was having none of it.  So, this is the best that I got.

photo (23)

Playing in the kitchen at “Grandma’s House.”

photo (24)

Julia and Izzy playing in the kitchen.

photo (25)

photo (26)

Julia the butterfly

photo (27)

Olivia sitting on a ladybug.

photo (28)


photo (29)

Playing at the rain table.  You poured rocks in and it sounded like rain.

photo (30)

Painting the rock cave

photo (31)

The awesome tree house

photo (32)

Izzy and Olivia playing at Ant Hill. 

photo (33)

But, if you go. . .prepare to get REALLY wet and messy!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday, August 8, 2011

Olivia and I enjoyed the company of my nieces today. 

photo (31)

Rebekah, Julia and Kelsey

photo (24)

Rebekah and Kelsey

photo (23)

And as you can tell, Kelsey enjoyed their company too.