Saturday, June 22, 2013

Caught Up

Sometimes I take more pictures than I can post. So, I'll get ya caught up!
Don't you just love chubby baby legs?

And I still say this is one of the best baby toys ever!

Good thing Olivia is never too old for wagon rides with her little sister!

Abigail has made friends with the cats. I think they just like her because she is always sticky. :-)

Abigail has discovered the baby monitor in her crib. Now she always plays with it.

She is also very much a side sleeper!

We spent time with great aunt Mary this week to celebrate her 93rd birthday.

And don't ever forget to stop and smell the flowers every once in awhile.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Feeding Therapy

Olivia started feeding therapy today for moderate oral defensiveness. And, let me tell you, I am impressed already!
She has a notebook of all kinds of activities that we do with her each day. One is to identify what kind of bite she will take. With a non-preferred food she may not take a horse bite, but maybe she will take a bird bite? You know how she loves animals, so she loves this!!

We also rate each food's characteristics on a continuum.

Another activity is to eat food in a different ( or wacky way.). For instance, she could mash up her beloved cheese puffs and eat them with a spoon. Olivia wanted a powdered donut when we got home. We did all of the activities with it, then I tried to figure out how to eat it differently. I grabbed some carrot sticks out of the fridge. She hates carrots and even if she eats them, she won't swallow them. But, I thought, we could break the donut into pieces and have her pick the pieces up with two carrots ( might as well add some fine motor in too.) LOL! And this way she is at least touching carrots. She had so much fun trying to get it into her mouth! And then the next part blew me away! She ATE the carrots and swallowed them! I never thought adding a bit of powdered sugar to carrots would make them more desirable.

All done, mom!!

So I'm super excited to find out what the future holds and I feel like we are finally on the right track! We will also visit with her pediatrician about additional testing. Oral defensiveness occurs a lot with physiological disorders of the gut. We want to also rule out any physical barriers. Watch out 33 lbs, we are on our way!!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

7 Months

Hard to believe my baby is 7 months old today. When did that happen?

She weighs around 17.5 lbs, can roll both ways and sit up unassisted. Green beans are her favorite food. Abigail is just a joy and other than those few colicky months. . .she is a super easy going baby. She is so interested in everything going on around her and loves to bang toys and crinkle paper. There is no keeping her in one spot any longer as she can roll and scoot to where she wants to go. She is still nursing at night, but prefers bottles during the day. Lately she has discovered a good friend in our cat Tobey. Or rather he has discovered a good friend in her. . .especially when she drops food from her high chair. And, you know, she recently started baby food, so she's often sticky. LOL! I just love my Abigail Harper to pieces!!!

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Monday, June 17, 2013

The Long Arms

Olivia had me laughing so hard today. I was making my grocery list when she ran through the house yelling,"The long arms are coming! The long arms are coming!" LOL! So, I played along and we hid under the table because it was the only safe place to be apparently. When Abigail woke up, she had to hide under there too.

You can tell Abigail is wondering what her loony sister is up to. LOL! We seriously played it all afternoon and I'm exhausted. In the story we all got really old really fast. I asked Olivia how old we were and she said,"Really old! 41+!" The "plus" is what had me laughing so hard.

Anyway, she drew a picture of the long arms. They are green and I think they are from The Little Mermaid because we watched that this morning. I think they are the green arms that take Ariel's voice. Haha!

Speaking of The Little Mermaid, Olivia doesn't want to ever get married unless she meets Prince Eric. Then, she might reconsider. Keep those expectations high sweet girl! You deserve the best! And bless her heart, each time she watches it, she thinks he just might kiss Ariel by the end of the third day.

Yep, I have too extremely silly little girls!

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to my amazing husband of almost 10 years! I know his fatherhood journey hasn't been the easiest, but I know he wouldn't trade his children for anything in the world!

Happy Father's Day to my dad who has always taught me that you can never go wrong by doing right. I could not have been blessed with a better dad!

Happy Father's Day to my father-in-law who I'm so lucky to have!

I am so lucky (and my children are so lucky) to have three such great men in our lives! Thank you for all that you do!

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