Friday, June 21, 2013

Feeding Therapy

Olivia started feeding therapy today for moderate oral defensiveness. And, let me tell you, I am impressed already!
She has a notebook of all kinds of activities that we do with her each day. One is to identify what kind of bite she will take. With a non-preferred food she may not take a horse bite, but maybe she will take a bird bite? You know how she loves animals, so she loves this!!

We also rate each food's characteristics on a continuum.

Another activity is to eat food in a different ( or wacky way.). For instance, she could mash up her beloved cheese puffs and eat them with a spoon. Olivia wanted a powdered donut when we got home. We did all of the activities with it, then I tried to figure out how to eat it differently. I grabbed some carrot sticks out of the fridge. She hates carrots and even if she eats them, she won't swallow them. But, I thought, we could break the donut into pieces and have her pick the pieces up with two carrots ( might as well add some fine motor in too.) LOL! And this way she is at least touching carrots. She had so much fun trying to get it into her mouth! And then the next part blew me away! She ATE the carrots and swallowed them! I never thought adding a bit of powdered sugar to carrots would make them more desirable.

All done, mom!!

So I'm super excited to find out what the future holds and I feel like we are finally on the right track! We will also visit with her pediatrician about additional testing. Oral defensiveness occurs a lot with physiological disorders of the gut. We want to also rule out any physical barriers. Watch out 33 lbs, we are on our way!!

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Stace said...

I'm so happy that you're finally getting the help you need with Olivia! It must be wonderful to feel like you have already made progress. :)

Alicia said...

That's awesome that she ate the carrot also! Maybe you need to sprinkle powdered sugar on everything ;) Sounds like this therapy is just what she needs to help her.