Thursday, June 20, 2013

7 Months

Hard to believe my baby is 7 months old today. When did that happen?

She weighs around 17.5 lbs, can roll both ways and sit up unassisted. Green beans are her favorite food. Abigail is just a joy and other than those few colicky months. . .she is a super easy going baby. She is so interested in everything going on around her and loves to bang toys and crinkle paper. There is no keeping her in one spot any longer as she can roll and scoot to where she wants to go. She is still nursing at night, but prefers bottles during the day. Lately she has discovered a good friend in our cat Tobey. Or rather he has discovered a good friend in her. . .especially when she drops food from her high chair. And, you know, she recently started baby food, so she's often sticky. LOL! I just love my Abigail Harper to pieces!!!

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