Saturday, December 20, 2008

Saturday, December 19, 2008 - Update

Today, I learned about Santa Claus. Do you know about Santa?
He gives you presents if you're nice, but doesn't give you presents if you're naughty.

I don't think I've been naughty, have I?
Nah. . . I'm silly sometimes, but not naughty.
I'm so excited!
Santa is coming to my house!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Friday, December 18, 2008 - Update

The reason that I don't have hardly any Christmas presents wrapped:

Mama, I help!

There have been so many instances lately where Olivia has just made my heart melt. She gives kisses now. If you tell her to give someone a kiss, she plants a big wet one on your cheek. The other day, I was reading her a story and she just leaned over and gave me a kiss. Earlier this week, she leaned over and gave her Glo-worm a kiss. It's just so sweet. Sometimes she wants to ride her pony, but she also wants to be with me, so she follows me everywhere on her pony. Then, she rides up to me and lifts up her arms so that I'll pick her up. It just makes me feel so very loved. She has such a sweet, loving disposition.

I am a little perplexed as to what happened to all of the snow. . .not that I'm complaining. I just don't understand how it can all be melted by 8 am. How does it melt overnight without the sun? It usually takes a week or so to melt the snow in our backyard on the north side of the house. I think the weather cleared up just so Carver would be sure to get his cochlear implants turned on today. It had to be cancelled earlier in the week due to the weather. I'm so excited to hear how that goes.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008 - Update

(My shirt says Joy. . .not Jodi. I joked that someone would think that I was wearing a shirt with my name on it. . .leave it to Amanda. . .heehe)

Thank you all for making this blog so special to us. There wouldn't be a blog without my dear friend, Stacie. It was her idea after all. What started out as simply a means of sharing Olivia and Logan's progress has turned into so much more. I have reconnected with old friends and gained many new ones. I have been able to spread awareness about premature birth, infertility and infant loss. I quickly get ideas and advice from others going through similar situations. With one click of a button, I can inform people of important happenings and prayer requests. And, I can share the amazing progress of my sweet baby girl. Thank you so much.

Also, be sure to mark your calendars! The March of Dimes "March for Babies" is April 18, 2009. More info to come after the first of the year. Thanks Kerry for being so on the ball.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008 - Update

What started out as an odd phone call has turned a bit frightening. Yesterday around lunchtime, the phone rang. A name and number showed up on the caller id, so I picked it up (I often don't if there is no number or name listed.) A woman said that she was from Central Plains of KS (I believe) and someone had entered my name into a drawing to win $500 worth of gas and groceries. The drawing would be held on Dec 20th, but my name was drawn for a daily giveaway. I won a bag and a free carpet cleaning in a room of my choice. I should have asked more questions, but I was a little dumbfounded and was tending to Olivia. . .so, I was only half-listening. I didn't want to appear ungrateful. I think she mentioned something about being in my area on Wednesday. Later that day, I started thinking about the whole thing and it seemed really fishy. What a convenient way to get into someone's house! I tried to find something about it online, but was unsuccessful, so I decided to call the number back. It rings, pauses and then clicks off.

Well, my husband (the protector) called the police department about it today and they called me to file a report. It seemed really fishy to them as well. Who knows. . .maybe it's legit, but I'll gladly give up a carpet cleaning to be on the safe side. If someone shows up at my house that I don't know, I'm supposed to call 911 (so if I don't know you, today would probably not be a good day to visit. . .heehee.) Anyway, doors are locked, phone is in hand and I say. . .bring it on! Just don't come and wake us up during naptime.

***They did show up this afternoon. I didn't answer the door and they soon left and pulled into a neighbor's house. Hmm. . .did they win a daily drawing too? What are the odds. . haha. I did call the police about it. Jeremy, it sounds like you were right. . .Kirby vacuum salesmen. I mean, I understand door to door salesman, but don't lie and con your way into people's houses! The last thing I need is some high pressure salesman pushing something on me. I'm not good at saying no because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. . .that's what husbands are for, right? Oh, and guess who rang the doorbell right in the middle of naptime? The police following up on my report. Arghhh. Interesting day. I enjoyed dinner tonight, however, with my friends. Thanks ladies!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008




Hmmm. . .and all my life I thought it was a dark navy outfit.

Christmas Tree Tour

Here it is. . .thank you for sending me pictures of all your beautiful decorations. I had planned on playing the traditional "O Tannenbaum." I changed my mind at the last minute. A few years ago, Ryan and I realized that we did not know all of the words to simple Christmas songs like Frosty the Snowman. That prompted us to pick a few songs each year and learn all of the verses. I have a problem with this thing called memory and I can't remember the ones I learn from the year before. . .but, anyway. . .I chose this song because it's one of the favorites that I've learned (and later forgotten.) I encourage you to look up all of the verses. . .what powerful lyrics!

So, on this chilly, snowy day (well, for those of you in my neck of the woods) grab some hot chocolate, snuggle up in a blanket and enjoy! Don't forget to scroll down on the left hand side and pause the music player before starting the slide show.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008 - Update

The problem with mobility. . .sometimes she gets too close to the camera. :)

Our appointments went well this morning. Olivia ended up getting one of her Christmas presents early because I figured that since it was 8 degrees outside, she could use her new fleece lined pants. We don't go back to see the neurologist until summer, but so far everything looks good. She does have some delays, but is making good progress. Of course, she never "performs" at any of her appointments nor does she grab at their toys (I still think it's because she knows they are not properly sanitized.) At home, she is quite the busy body and always has to have something in her hands. Ryan's endoscopy seemed to go well. Olivia is not the only one in the family with awful reflux. We figured it was time to have Ryan checked out. Luckily, there was no erosion in his esophagus, but there was some inflammation. They had to do a biopsy to test for bacteria. Looks like he'll continue taking Prilosec for most of his life.

So, I'm feeling like a bad guinea pig mom lately. The other night we completely forgot to give them their treats (which usually consists of veggies) until 11:30 pm. And, they were completely out of hay. At least we still buy them the expensive Oxbow hay because it's so much better than what you find in a pet store. Only the best for them. . .even though they don't get quite the attention anymore. We are supposed to cut their nails every 6 weeks and I think we've cut them 3 times since Olivia came home. One such nail-cutting was on Sunday and I decided to take some pictures of them during their mani-pedis.

Here's Persephone (Sephs) 5.5 years old. She also has to get haircuts.

Here's Taryn 5.5 years old (This is the best position for cutting their nails and carrots are the best distraction.)

Penelope (Penny P) 6+ years old (The Boss)

Harrison (Hare Bear) 5 years old. . .my lone boy. He'd prefer them not to be called mani pedis.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Saturday, December 14, 2008 - Update

These are my shapes

and this is the lid. . .

and mama says you're a green square.

I chased this blue ball all around the house!

Olivia is wearing another one of my old outfits. . .comparison pictures coming soon. I do think that Olivia is going to be taller than me because those pants were longer on me at 13 months. Olivia is only 11.5 months adjusted.

Tomorrow morning, Olivia has a neurologist appointment. I'm not looking forward to it since it's currently sleeting and we're expecting a high tomorrow of 18 degrees. Ryan also has a gastrointestinal endoscopy tomorrow morning. . .should be a fun day.