Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Tree Tour

Here it is. . .thank you for sending me pictures of all your beautiful decorations. I had planned on playing the traditional "O Tannenbaum." I changed my mind at the last minute. A few years ago, Ryan and I realized that we did not know all of the words to simple Christmas songs like Frosty the Snowman. That prompted us to pick a few songs each year and learn all of the verses. I have a problem with this thing called memory and I can't remember the ones I learn from the year before. . .but, anyway. . .I chose this song because it's one of the favorites that I've learned (and later forgotten.) I encourage you to look up all of the verses. . .what powerful lyrics!

So, on this chilly, snowy day (well, for those of you in my neck of the woods) grab some hot chocolate, snuggle up in a blanket and enjoy! Don't forget to scroll down on the left hand side and pause the music player before starting the slide show.


Don, Shelley and Izzy said...

You did a great job!
Love it... thanks for the tour!!

Shea said...

Wow that was awesome! So many cute and creative ideas, I'll be sure to post out decorations on my blog!

Amanda said...

awww....how good was that!? And I must say, there are some NICE looking trees and houses out there! i am very inspired to paint my walls like a couple of those houses... and I LOVE your parents house I think it was? With the 3 side by side windows and the arch window on top!? VERY pretty! Kansas houses look nice :) Good Job!

Cristi said...

Nice! Thanks for including my tree. Merry Christmas Everybody!

Stacie said...

Ahh - that turned out so good!!

I love that you did this. :)

So creative!!