Sunday, December 14, 2008

Saturday, December 14, 2008 - Update

These are my shapes

and this is the lid. . .

and mama says you're a green square.

I chased this blue ball all around the house!

Olivia is wearing another one of my old outfits. . .comparison pictures coming soon. I do think that Olivia is going to be taller than me because those pants were longer on me at 13 months. Olivia is only 11.5 months adjusted.

Tomorrow morning, Olivia has a neurologist appointment. I'm not looking forward to it since it's currently sleeting and we're expecting a high tomorrow of 18 degrees. Ryan also has a gastrointestinal endoscopy tomorrow morning. . .should be a fun day.


Emily's Blog said...

I've had 5 GI endoscopies in the past 6 months, there really no big deal, and Ryan should be fine. Is he OK?
I hope that the neuro appt. goes well with Olivia.

Becky said...

They knocked me out for my was great! Be thinking of you all!