Monday, December 15, 2008

Monday, December 15, 2008 - Update

The problem with mobility. . .sometimes she gets too close to the camera. :)

Our appointments went well this morning. Olivia ended up getting one of her Christmas presents early because I figured that since it was 8 degrees outside, she could use her new fleece lined pants. We don't go back to see the neurologist until summer, but so far everything looks good. She does have some delays, but is making good progress. Of course, she never "performs" at any of her appointments nor does she grab at their toys (I still think it's because she knows they are not properly sanitized.) At home, she is quite the busy body and always has to have something in her hands. Ryan's endoscopy seemed to go well. Olivia is not the only one in the family with awful reflux. We figured it was time to have Ryan checked out. Luckily, there was no erosion in his esophagus, but there was some inflammation. They had to do a biopsy to test for bacteria. Looks like he'll continue taking Prilosec for most of his life.

So, I'm feeling like a bad guinea pig mom lately. The other night we completely forgot to give them their treats (which usually consists of veggies) until 11:30 pm. And, they were completely out of hay. At least we still buy them the expensive Oxbow hay because it's so much better than what you find in a pet store. Only the best for them. . .even though they don't get quite the attention anymore. We are supposed to cut their nails every 6 weeks and I think we've cut them 3 times since Olivia came home. One such nail-cutting was on Sunday and I decided to take some pictures of them during their mani-pedis.

Here's Persephone (Sephs) 5.5 years old. She also has to get haircuts.

Here's Taryn 5.5 years old (This is the best position for cutting their nails and carrots are the best distraction.)

Penelope (Penny P) 6+ years old (The Boss)

Harrison (Hare Bear) 5 years old. . .my lone boy. He'd prefer them not to be called mani pedis.

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Kerry said...

I'm sure they enjoyed the attention of getting their nails clipped! They're so cute and silky-looking!