Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thursday, December 18, 2008 - Update

(My shirt says Joy. . .not Jodi. I joked that someone would think that I was wearing a shirt with my name on it. . .leave it to Amanda. . .heehe)

Thank you all for making this blog so special to us. There wouldn't be a blog without my dear friend, Stacie. It was her idea after all. What started out as simply a means of sharing Olivia and Logan's progress has turned into so much more. I have reconnected with old friends and gained many new ones. I have been able to spread awareness about premature birth, infertility and infant loss. I quickly get ideas and advice from others going through similar situations. With one click of a button, I can inform people of important happenings and prayer requests. And, I can share the amazing progress of my sweet baby girl. Thank you so much.

Also, be sure to mark your calendars! The March of Dimes "March for Babies" is April 18, 2009. More info to come after the first of the year. Thanks Kerry for being so on the ball.


Kerry said...

Well, there's ONLY 121 days left until the March! Haha. Actually I always had my fundraising page linked to my March of Dimes icon. I clicked on it yesterday and it took me to a page that said something like, "We're sorry, but this person has not activated their page for this year's March." I thought I better get on it in case some random person wanted to donate and couldn't!

Amanda said...

Does your shirt say "JOY" or "JODI" lol...(you can only see the JO...:) anyways!! so not kidding... the little snowman candle thingy to the left of you in the picture...yea, have today, Rodney and me were talking about possibly taking our vacation out "westish" :) Do you know if there is a 6 flags in Missouri? and if there is... do they have a "wiggles world"? But anyways, HE said... we could go see your friend Jodi! lol.. so.. I will totally keep you posted!!!!!