Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Awesome Big Sister

Olivia is such a great big sister to Abigail. They spend most of their waking hours playing together.  Olivia is so gentle and so caring and always finds things to do that Abigail will enjoy (even things she considers kinda babyish.) 

Abigail is a pretty awesome little sis too.  She always has plenty of hugs for Olivia and thinks she hung the moon.  How blessed am I? 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Under The Weather

Last week, Abigail woke up from her nap with a temp and sore throat.  After a doctor's visit, we found out she had hand,foot and mouth disease.  Sure enough, the spots turned up on her arms and thighs as well.  

Fast forward to last night and Olivia wakes me up around 3 am with a temp and a sore throat.  I was hoping she would be too old to catch it (although I don't recall her having it as a baby.) Bless her heart, she was hesitant to wake me up because it was "Mother's Night" and she wanted me to be able to sleep all night. Keeping this one hydrated is always so tough (it's tough when she's well.) Thank goodness for Pedialyte Popsicles.  

Olivia also sang ME a lullaby.  I don't remember all of it, but the ending went:

. .and if that cat does not meow,
You'll still be the sweetest mama in town."

Love my sweet girls!