Saturday, September 11, 2010

Introducing. . .

our new kitten:



He is a 4 month old male orange tabby (I’m a sucker for tabby cats.)  Sweet as can be. . .although Autumn doesn’t think so.  I didn’t know Autumn could hiss or make many of the noises she has made since we brought him home.  It doesn’t help that the new kitten has a very nonchalant, “make myself at home” attitude.  I’ve never seen this side of Autumn, but I know she’s just exerting her dominance and making sure he knows who’s boss.  So, we’re watching them very closely and the new kitten will probably spend the night in the laundry room.  By the way. . .I think we are going to call him Tobey. . .we kinda fell in love with that name and he looks like a Tobey.  Autumn is 100% MY cat and I think this one is going to be Olivia’s cat.  He follows Olivia all around the house. . .it’s really cute.  Two sweet kitties with entirely different personalities.  Autumn is really shy around people she doesn’t know and I don’t think Tobey has met someone that isn’t his best friend. ..well, except for Autumn.  Autumn will be sure to get lots of extra cuddles tonight so that she knows she’s still my main kitty! 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Dentist Appointment

Today, Olivia had her first dentist appointment.  I was tempted to reschedule it, but since we already had to reschedule once, I didn’t want to do it again.  We went to Dr. Crystal Walker, a pediatric dentist, and it went awesome!!  I highly recommend it. . .especially for kids who have a tougher time with things like this.  They make it as comfortable as possible for kids.  Olivia got to lay down and watch Dora on a television attached to the ceiling.  They didn’t brush her teeth this time because Olivia was a little unsure about it and they didn’t want to push it.  But, she let them examine her teeth and put a fluoride treatment on them.  They sang the ABC song while they were doing it and Olivia sang along with them. . .her mouth open and all.  If only her eye doctor would take some tips from her dentist office, Olivia might be a bit more comfortable.  Olivia just needs a bit more TLC everywhere she goes.  They thought her teeth looked awesome (although she is still missing her top two molars.) I’ve always thought Olivia has beautiful teeth.  The only problem is that they  like to see spaces between baby teeth so that the permanent teeth will have room when they come in.   So, Olivia might have crowding issues in the future.  But, all is good for right now and she is a member of the no sugar bug club.   Way to go, Olivia!


So, Wednesday (the awful day) I got braces.  They are a lot more of a hassle than I remember them being. . .brushing my teeth after everything I eat.  I know I’m doing this for the end result, but man. . . .I’m having self-esteem issues.  It doesn’t help that my face has started breaking out thus causing me to relive the worst parts of my teenage years.   Braces were a lot “cuter” when I was 15.  So, I’ll try to grin and bear the next 2 years, I guess.  My goal is to smile prettier, be healthier and be the fittest I’ve ever been by 35.  Guess I’d better get started on the last two. 




photo (3)


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another Update

Yes, this is update #247 for the past two days.  :)  Everything is back to  normal in our household.  Even Autumn is back to her new favorite napping spot. . .Olivia’s baby doll crib.  I’m convinced she thinks it was made just for her.  She fits in it perfectly after all.  I could tell Autumn was a bit concerned about Olivia yesterday and she went in to check on Olivia with us throughout the night.  How did I get so lucky?  The perfect husband, the perfect daughter and the perfect kitty?  I am blessed and grateful that yesterday is behind us. 



Doing Good


Shelley and Izzy surprised us with some Dora cupcakes!  Other than a runny nose (that she’s had for a week) Olivia is doing great.  I touched base with her doctor and he said that he doesn’t need to see her since she seems to be doing so well.  Thank goodness because I didn’t want to get out and have to go anywhere today.  We are taking it very easy and hopefully we’ll get an afternoon nap. 

Kitten Update

Found out that the little kitten we were going to take died yesterday.  I think he was just too little to be without a mother.  I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.   Yesterday was one rotten day as I also got braces yesterday.  We may keep our eyes and hearts open for another kitty companion, but we’re in no rush.  By the way, we had chosen Tobey for his name.  :)

Olivia Update

After waking her up every 2 hours, she decided to get up around 5:30 am.  She is acting completely normal this morning and we are currently playing trains.  She wanted chocolate milk and is talking non-stop (even about how she went to the hospital and threw up in the little bucket.)  Praise God.  Hopefully, everything stays normal and uneventful around here.  Thanks for all of the prayers. 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Just wanted to update all of you.  Olivia fell off of a slide today.  She seemed okay afterwards, but about an hour later she got really sleepy.  When she started vomiting, we took her immediately to the ER.  They did a CT scan which showed no skull fracture or brain bleed.  It looked fine.  We left a few hours later and the discharge papers stated that Olivia has a cerebral concussion.  She is still not doing all that well. . .sleeping on and off and still vomiting.  Lots of prayers please.  Thanks

Update 10 pm -

Olivia has been asleep since about 7 pm.  We have to wake her every 2 hours to check on her.  We woke her up around 9 pm and she said her name was Olivia and instantly recognized her favorite companion, Gogum.  So, that is a good sign.    She is acting, however,  like she’s really sick with the flu, which I’m learning is common with concussions.  Please please pray that she starts acting like herself by tomorrow.  I foresee a Dora marathon all day tomorrow!   Thank you all for praying for Olivia.  I worry so much about her anyway. . .to throw something like this in the mix. . .I’m a wreck. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Just Pics



Olivia is still not feeling 100%. That doesn’t stop her from being cute, though.  We probably should have rested a bit more over the weekend because we have a full week ahead of us.  Hopefully, she’ll be fully recovered soon!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

More Cole/Tobey Pictures





We’re having technical difficulties with the poll, so just leave your name suggestions/choices in the comments section.  Isn’t he cute?  I’m torn between the two names.  It’s okay, we have a few weeks to decide.  I’m really praying about this decision.  If you remember, I prayed about whether to invite Autumn into our home.  The next day, I got an email from Bath and Body Works and the subject line read:  Perfect Autumn, Perfect for Everyone.  We’ve had Autumn almost a year and every part of that has been  true.  She is PERFECT!  She has even turned my husband into a “cat person.”  I don’t think I’m lucky enough to get another email from Bath and Body Works or another cat that’s perfect, but. . . .

Birthday Party and a Big Surprise!

Today, we celebrated my nephew Aidan’s birthday with a Pokemon party.






She was so excited to be drinking Pepsi. 



And. . .we also wanted to introduce you to the soon-to-be newest member of our family:


Ryan’s aunt works at a vet’s office and a litter of kittens were brought in.  There were six kittens and this little guy is the only survivor.  We had been thinking for awhile about getting another cat for Autumn as she might like the companionship.  This little guy’s eyes just opened and he is still being bottle fed and requiring around the clock care.  Ryan’s aunt is coming back into town at the end of the month and he will most likely come live with us then.  We haven’t decided upon a name and thought you could help us decide. 


Our choices are:

Cole (or Coal, Kohl, Koal)

October and we’d call him Tobey.  We thought this name went well with Autumn.  He would be October Cole because Autumn is Autumn Grace. 

Be sure to vote in the poll!!!  Do you have another name suggestion?  Leave it in the comments.

We are all excited about our new addition!  Yes, even Ryan. :)   Autumn has been such an amazing cat. . .this little guy has a lot to live up to.  Hopefully, the two of them will become best friends. 


I wonder if he’ll like to sleep in the hamper like Autumn does.