Sunday, September 5, 2010

Birthday Party and a Big Surprise!

Today, we celebrated my nephew Aidan’s birthday with a Pokemon party.






She was so excited to be drinking Pepsi. 



And. . .we also wanted to introduce you to the soon-to-be newest member of our family:


Ryan’s aunt works at a vet’s office and a litter of kittens were brought in.  There were six kittens and this little guy is the only survivor.  We had been thinking for awhile about getting another cat for Autumn as she might like the companionship.  This little guy’s eyes just opened and he is still being bottle fed and requiring around the clock care.  Ryan’s aunt is coming back into town at the end of the month and he will most likely come live with us then.  We haven’t decided upon a name and thought you could help us decide. 


Our choices are:

Cole (or Coal, Kohl, Koal)

October and we’d call him Tobey.  We thought this name went well with Autumn.  He would be October Cole because Autumn is Autumn Grace. 

Be sure to vote in the poll!!!  Do you have another name suggestion?  Leave it in the comments.

We are all excited about our new addition!  Yes, even Ryan. :)   Autumn has been such an amazing cat. . .this little guy has a lot to live up to.  Hopefully, the two of them will become best friends. 


I wonder if he’ll like to sleep in the hamper like Autumn does.


Kim said...

Thank you for coming to the party. It wouldn't be the same without you guys.

As for names, I vote something that starts with an A or K. Gotta keep up the A and K theme! Kole, Kohl, or Koal would would be cute since he's so black!

Holli Taylor said...

I like Koal!

Kerry said...

Ak! It won't let me vote...says I have to be signed in. I am signed in! I vote for Tobey.

Amanda said...

I pick kohls ;) with an (s) dunno why...just sounds cute :) dumb comp still broke... I promise I am writing tonite!!